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Ever wonder why you didn't hear about an event until too late? We gather all the info for you so you don't miss out.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Special Announcement: Yanik Silver's Underground Seminar

Special notice - this Seminar isn't happening until March but events surrounding Yanik Silver's Underground Seminar are happening right now...

Sign up Before January 25, 2008 to Get Early-Bird Discounts, Bonuses and Surprises…including your chance to participate in a LIVE spy mission on the streets of LA, VIP Dinner and to meet in-person, a TV Celebrity from the Hit Show “24”

I just HAD to Let You Know!

Yanik Silver's Underground Seminar
March 28-30, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

This is not your run of the mill Seminar either. Yanik has made it fun. You can see how from an exerpt of an email he sent recently...


-=- Confidential Y.S.S. Agency Communication -=-

(read to the end for special agent 'training' & reward) ================================================

Thursday, December 13, 2007
11:14:00 ET

Agent Pam -

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to infiltrate a
*all-new* gathering of Rogue Underground Internet "Players" to discover their unique (and never before publicized) moneymaking secrets...

You've probably never heard about these 'Under-The-Radar'
successes banking mega bucks online! (And they would have been happy to keep it that way too - until I figured out a shocking and unexpected way to hold them hostage and let you "SPY" on their businesses!)

Find out how I captured this ALL-NEW group of 'UNDERGROUND'
Internet insiders - who have finally agreed to break their 'code of silence' and reveal exactly how they are quietly making their fortunes online...and how YOU can too!

This is definitely NOT the same "Usual Suspects" you see speaking everywhere else...

Truthfully, it was a gargantuan task to locate, uncover, convince and coax these "mystery" men and women to come forward and pull back the curtain.

What's more, I'm taking another extraordinary step to make sure our guest presenters really lay their cards on the table (you've got to see what I have in store for them - even better than truth serum). ;)

Last year we sold out 6 weeks early and from the buzz going around about this event - I have a strong hunch this one will sell-out even quicker.

Don't miss out!

All the best,

Yanik Silver,

P.S. Special extra bonus for Early Birds - there's exclusive discounts and special bonuses not available to others (including a private VIP networking dinner with the rogue Underground agents and an *actual* SPY mission.)

I strongly urge you to check this out immediately because you get a 48-hour head start over our other lists of 100,000+ subscribers.

P.P.S. You'll be amazed by our 2 keynote speakers who together bring in over $840M. (That's right - nearly $1 Billion in sales online!)
Proceed by reading the debriefing now
(but make sure you are not being watched by any double-agents)!

As always the agency will disavow any
involvement in your operation.

If You Go, You Wanna' Know!

Pam Hoffman


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