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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interview: Ricky of BlackySky At PPC Summit in San Francisco

I originally arranged this interview at the end of last November and Ricky sent it right along last December...

I 'lost' his message for awhile, and recently found it buried in all my emails. I've been looking for it for weeks!

I think I'm getting almost 150 emails a day now! Know the feeling? I was looking for something else and I finally found it!

Ricky, thanks for waiting.

Pam: Hi Ricky! How are you?
Ricky: I’m doing good thanks for asking… I’m a little bit tired but it is ok. Now it is really winter time here in Montreal Canada... anyway I’m happy to be back home

Pam: Remind me, which Seminar did you attend I know it was Patrick Schwerdtfeger’s production, what was it called again?
Ricky: No I change my mind I didn’t go to Schwedtfeger.. My friend and I went to the PPC summit in San Francisco... It was a great occasion to go west coast…

Pam: I think you found out about it from my blog, right?
Ricky: Well I knew it but I forget it but the other day I read it on your blog and said to my friend: look the PPC summit is coming soon.. This is what we need just before Christmas. So we went there and maybe it was a really great choice.

Pam: What did you get out of going to the this Seminar?
Ricky: A lot of people ask me why do you spend money on seminar or why do you go there.

My first answer is for the trip.

It gives you an occasion to see a new city and I love new culture.

One of the most important things is even if your method work pretty well, it won’t hurt you learning another point of view that works well too. I learn new trick and tips that really worth the trip. To answer the question I will say connection and meeting new people. I think this is the only and best place to connect to this great people and brand your name.

Pam: What are the main things you might tell someone considering going to an Internet Marketing Seminar to convince them that they should go?
Ricky: You need to know different point of view about the same subject to be better and you need contact to succeed. It is always fun to talk directly to a person about anything. I do think you can learn much that way then stay home and buy one of this e-book…

Pam: Is there ANYTHING ELSE we should know about the Seminar?
Ricky: You have the best in the industry at the same place and you can make new friends. You can see those people everyone was talking about.

Pam: Tell me a little bit about what you are doing online. Be sure to give us the URL as well.
Ricky: I’m doing a lot of thing on internet... ok this is not a complete answer… Most of the time I’m doing PPC, I was doing a lot of eBay auctions (less then before). Now I got this project on http://blackysky.com.

This is a beta project for now and will make it bigger in January.

This website is a unique platform where you can self promote your blog, website, product, talent and much more by leaving an ads or add a video ads … You can also buy sell trade text link, blog review, banner ad space .. Almost anything at the price you want without any intermediate that will take your money like other services out there.

The blog give update of the website but also give blog tips and where is the buzz around the net all this and much more at http://www.blackysky.com/blog

Copyright 2007 Pam Hoffman and Ricky

Pam Hoffman


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