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Friday, January 4, 2008

Masters Seminar

Ross Goldberg starts:

Every day I talk to people who are struggling to make any money online. In fact, many of them are still stuck working their daytime, dead-end jobs... They are frustrated because they can't do what they really want to earn their living — have their own money earning online business.

It seems like no matter how hard they try, they simply keep failing. If they taste some success with their online business, it doesn't seem to last very long.

Something is missing from their business and they don't know what it is.

It's sad because it doesn't have to be this way. And as I'm talking with these frustrated, struggling internet marketers, it seems like the same 3 questions always come up...

What type of business are they trying to do? Is it affiliate marketing, resell rights, or their own products?

What are some of their personal hobbies and interests?

What have they tried (or not tried) to grow their business?
And then it's only a matter of time.

There's just one question I ask every marker who asks me for my help...

How Often Are You Around Others In Your Niche?
The sad news is, almost every struggling marketer will ask me: Why do I need to meet other people from my industry in person?

It's sad because meeting other marketers in your field can make a huge difference — in any niche!

Spending time with people who work in the same field as you can give you business ideas, new products, and partnerships that would have otherwise been impossible!

I know it's true because I was once a struggling internet marketer too.

And once I attended my first internet marketing seminar...

"My Income Doubled Every Month For 6 Straight Months!"

So you may wish to check out his very nice offer for...

Masters Seminar
January 25-27, 2008
Las Vegas, NV

I THINK that there is also a Workshop on January 24th as well.

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


ShadowKnight said...

To be truly successful you must connect with your clients. Many seminars are junkets and achieve very little during the event. However, the relationships gained at the event will bear fruit into the future.

This is especially true in specialist niche markets. A support network of professionals will keep you with skin in the game at all times.

Great article Pam.

Pam Hoffman said...

Thanks for your visit and your comment shadowknight!

Not all Seminars are created equal, it's true. They are still a great place to learn and, like you said, meet people and even to break away from the daily grind.

I'm glad you enjoy the blog. There's a lot more to come!

Pam Hoffman

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