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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Sending a Card to Our Troops

Monday, August 17, 2009

Training Videos from Armand Morin, Up 48 Hours Each, No Charge!

You've heard of YouTube right?

Have you ever wondered how to REALLY use it to market your products and services?

This free video explains how:

YouTube Marketing



P.S Watch this lesson before it gets taken down. These are only being posted for the general public for 48 hours so I'd recommend you click this link so you don't miss this

YouTube Marketing

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Multiple Streams of Income: An Online Course

My friend Laura Bray is offering a course for Artists & Crafters. I wanted to give her some support so here's a little bit from her site and a link for more info!

Just like athletes cross train, it is sometimes useful to have OTHER types of Seminars to learn from. Here we go...

Multiple Streams of Income: An Online Course
Begins September 7, 2009

Attention Artists and Crafters!

* Are you struggling to make a living doing what you love?
* Do you feel like you are working all the time and getting nowhere?
* Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about all the ways artists and crafters can make money?
* Are you always jumping from one idea to the next without following through on anything?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this online course is designed for you!

Here's the link for more details and to register:

Multiple Streams of Income: An Online Course

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wishlist Member LIVE

Build Your Membership Site in 3 Days at

Wishlist Member LIVE
July 9-11, 2009
Buffalo, NY

Only 6 tickets left, hurry!

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Friday, June 12, 2009

Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate Summit East, the premier affiliate marketing conference, is taking place August 9-11, 2009 in New York City. This three day conference includes an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing experts.

The keynote speaker for Monday, August 10 will be Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs, and the keynote for Tuesday, August 11 will be Peter Shankman, founder and CEO of The Geek Factory.

Affiliate Summit
August 9-11, 2009
New York, NY

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Sunday, May 10, 2009

closing down but you can still save $798


Just a reminder...

I'm closing down my seminar order page Monday night at Midnight...

Today you can save $798 on Jeff Johnson's seminar.

But this may be your last chance to check it out.

Because he's closing it down for good on Monday, or sooner once the seats are gone.

It's all about:

"How You Can Quickly and Easily Build A Multi-Million Dollar Online Publishing Empire Starting From Scratch In As Little As 6 Months... No Special Skills Required"

Here's the best part:

Jeff just lowered the price for your seat.

It saves you 798 bucks.

Check it out:
Jeff Johnson's Underground Training Lab!

It's definitely promising to be one of the must attend seminars of the year.

Let speakers like Jeff Johnson, Eben Pagan, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher and Brad Fallon help you build your online business.

Every one of these guys has built a multi-million dollar online business, some in as little as 6 months.

And now they are joining forces to show you how it's being done today... by people just like you.

Great content, great networking, and great opportunities that you just can't get from watching a DVD alone at home.

Today you can save $798...

But this may be your last chance since Jeff is definitely closing it down Monday night, or sooner.

Highly Recommended!

Check it out:
Jeff's Seminar!


If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Happy Mother's Day!

Pam Hoffman

Monday, May 4, 2009


Imagine knowing the "real" reason why people buy and knowing how to push these hot buttons so you could close a lot more sales.

You can... it's all here:

Armand Morin's PersuasianX!

One student used these subtle (but VERY powerful) selling "secrets" to generate over $100,000 on one 90 minute webinar.


These "secrets" generated over $12 million dollars in the last two years - all from 90 minute seminar presentations.

If you sell anything (either in person or on a teleseminar or webinar), then you owe it to yourself to watch this video:

PersuasionX video



P.S This is the only time you'll be able to see this in 2009. Take a look while it's still available:

Armand Morin's PersuasianX 2009


Sunday, April 5, 2009

"In order to discover new lands,..

...one must be willing to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." -- Anonymous

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet Armand Morin LIVE - Read This Fast!

I just got word that Armand Morin is doing a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME training this month AND... I wanted to invite you to ATTEND.

I can't tell you all the details here, but you have to ACT FAST.

Armand created a video with FULL DETAILS... WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!
Armand Morin LIVE!

Think about this...

* His business does over $20 Million Dollars a year.
* His sites receive over 5,000,000+ Visitors a month.
* He trains the BIGGEST NAMES in Internet Marketing!


Click This Link and Get All The Details:
Armand Morin 3-Days

Make sure you're one of the FIRST 150!!!

Best of Success,

Pam Hoffman


"Are You Going to Attend LIVE Events This Year?"

"If you're not always learning and growing, then you (and your business) are dying. Some of my clients are shocked to learn that each year I typically spend a minimum of $30,000.00 on continuing education, including home study courses, coaching, and especially... attending live events. I'd say the latter is the most important, and it pays off TENFOLD!"

--Alexandria Brown from her "Highlights on Marketing & Success" newsletter

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Subject: Canada Marketing Summit offers Replay Videos! Miss A Session?

Did you hear the fantastic news? The guys at the Canada Marketing Summit are super excited as they are sharing the replays of all 16 of their 90 minute sessions for people to view online!

That's right, 16 of the top internet marketing teachers in the world have shown up and delivered outstanding content.

If you want to discover hot money making and conversion tips for your business, I suggest you tune in today for the last 4 sessions and then you get the replay access to watch what you missed.

But you do need to take action quickly, as there is a 'catch' but it's nothing major, only.... these replays will be going down after April 3. That means you only have less than a week to view them.

What is even cooler is, all the speakers special offers... you know... the ones where they give out super low prices on their best products?

Well... you'll have access to pick up their special offers as well and walk away with some excellent continuing educational content.

So, go to the site here: Canada Marketing Summit Replay Videos!

Enjoy the replays, let a few friends know about it, before the link is gone for good.

Pam Hoffman

PS - make sure you take time out now, as I know if you delay, you'll never get around to this incredible content.

Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Command Top Dollar in a Down Economy!

Last Tuesday, I went on a 1/2 day cruise/Seminar!

Our Host: Scott Sorrell a.k.a. "Mr. Charge Higher Prices"

Now, I've been to LOTS of Seminars and I was interested in learning what Scott had to say, sure. I knew that mostly, I was going for the networking.

Wow did I ever get a pleasant surprise!

I learned an amazing amount of information at this event and what's more, I'M SURE there is much more that Scott can teach me.

I'll be working Scott's services into my business as soon as I can. Yeah, it was THAT GOOD!

Here's why...

Scott used very clear stories to illustrate his points - this always helps me. Like the one about the Drill Sargent with a nearly 100% conversion ratio in his new position as a life insurance rep. He put things in terms the new recruits could understand:

'they offer two policies here, the basic one you get as a serviceman pays out $6,000 and the one you buy, pays out $250,000... who do you think they send to the front first?'

As Scott said, that Drill Sargent gave THEIR presentation.

Are you giving YOUR presentation or your CLIENTS presentation?

And if you make these strategies work when times are challenging, you will do even better when things start getting better.

If you think about it, even in the BEST of times, your client has their own 'economy' at any given moment.

Teach your clients to do what YOU are doing for them so that THEY can offer THEIR clients the same thing, and charge higher prices to improve THEIR bottom line!

Scott covered the 8 Steps of Professional Selling.

Do you know what they are? If you don't, you'd better come and hear Scott as soon as you can! If you miss any of them or get anything in the wrong order, you are shooting yourself in the foot before you even get going!

I realize that I didn't know these steps, though I did have some intuition for them, and I sure didn't know the exact order to follow or be doomed!

That alone would have been worth the whole event! Yet Scott had more for us, including a very unique 'matrix' which we are all still exploring for potential solutions. More about that in minute.

Next, Scott covered the Value Triangle. Out of the three things you can offer your clients, you get to pick two. Help your clients understand this for your business AND theirs. They are in the same situation when they approach their clients.

Scott made an excellent point regarding the inverse relationship between cost and price. I think I 'knew' that yet his explanation went into greater depths and the story about his beautiful Doberman Pinscher, Sir Winston III, illustrated beautifully the reality of how SOME cost-cutting efforts can actually give you a higher price in the end.

In fact, encourage your clients to consider you an investment! Scott's motto 'If you don't see a bump up in your sales, you don't pay' which is a beautiful way to offer your clients peace of mind when they deal with you.

Scott launched into the introduction of The Sorrell Matrix with two questions vital to answer if you are to remain in business. The first 'How can you help your customers think they need what you have?' and the second 'How can you make what you offer impossible to get elsewhere?' and proceeded to start us down the path to answering those questions.

One of the many handouts was The Sorrell Matrix which Scott covered in some detail and asked us to work on in a short session amongst ourselves.

This was probably the most powerful part of the presentation for me. I knew something about the rest of what Scott taught us and enjoyed the expansion Scott offered upon each topic. THIS however was something totally new to me.

The Sorrell Matrix helps you examine those two questions about getting your clients to understand that they need what you have to offer and that they can't get it anywhere else.

We explored the needs vs. non-essentials and the exclusive vs. non-exclusive and some of the interrelationships between them and how to approach your client with your solutions.

Emphasis? BE PREPARED!

And commit to implement one or more of these strategies/tactics.

Over and over and over again, Scott said we should know who we are dealing with and how we will approach them... and remain flexible when your conversation reveals new information.

And it goes on!

I'm looking over my notes thinking, my goodness, there's still MORE! So this is just as helpful to me in review as it is for you.

Scott recommends we FIRE 'Lowball Larry.' I can agree with. You WANT to find new, rich customers, people who LIKE paying higher prices. Yes you must deliver. It's just that price tends to equal quality for the 'Rich Reginald's' that Scott recommends you go searching for.


That was the meat of the next segment. We learned about analyzing that ideal customer, and finding their clones. Are you doing that in your business? Yes? Great! No? Better let me introduce you to Scott Sorrell!

I know he can help you.

Scott covered objections, how to handle the discount hunter (that's so cool!) and getting in front of the right people to make your case (or would that be THEIR case?!? :) all in about 1/2 a day.

My notes just go on from there. This article should probably wind up though.

This was no rehash of the same old same old I've heard before at other Seminars. This was some genuinely interesting and new information!

I am seriously looking forward to working with Scott in the near future. I urge you to check out his services, have a conversation, do SOMETHING to avail yourself of his expertise. Scott Sorrell is someone you want on your team!

Thank you for reading, now go see Scott's site!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. i just checked in with Scott and it looks like he will offer another event sometime around mid May. you gotta be there! i'll be sure to write up more when i know the details so CHECK BACK sometime in April 2009. thanks, pam

some pictures from the cruise...

And some of the 'characters' on it... :)

L-R: Zen, 'Capt. Jack Sparow,' GiGi and myself!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rumor or Real?

You MAY still have a chance. Scott Sorrell still has seats (last i heard anyway!) for his event coming up:

How to Command Top Dollar in a Down Economy
March 24, 2009
8:00am - 12:30pm

Go Contact Scott NOW! If you would like to be there too!

949 650-0006

I'll be there and...If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Friday, March 20, 2009

Canada Marketing Summit COUPON!

Canada Marketing Summit COUPON!

When You Register, Be Sure to Use Code: CMS1000

Canada Marketing Summit
March 26-29, 2009
Vancouver, BC

Coupon + Code: CMS1000 =$1,000 off the regular price!

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"One May...

...Walk Over the Highest Mountain One Step at a Time."

--Barbara Walters

Thursday, March 5, 2009

IMSLS is on the Verge...

Your Service: IMSLS [Internet Marketing Seminar Service] by Pam Hoffman is on the verge of delivering something new.

Stay Tuned!

Pam Hoffman

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gary Ambrose Quote

"Attending offline events is the "Common Thread"
of success... it's what works, when nothing else has."

--Gary Ambrose, in an email message this afternoon

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Increase Your Sales with Social Media"

It sure pays to network. I received an email this evening, from a recent contact thru a meetup group, about a 2 1/2 day event by David Carlton. Evidently, ticket prices have been dropped to $47!

For over 2 days of this kind of Seminar with 10 Internet Marketing experts, that's a great deal.


Increase Your Sales
February 26-28, 2009
Newport Beach, CA

Your host: David Carleton,

Thanks to Dan Safkow, we may all take advantage of this great opportunity.

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kristi Sayles and Phil Cullum say...

"When I asked Joel Comm, world-famous marketer, what he thought was ONE of the most important pieces of advice that he could give to someone that wanted to become successful on the internet, he replied,

'Go to conferences.'"

--Kristi Sayles and Phil Cullum

Monday, February 2, 2009

"I'm at This Seminar, Now What?"

Got a Kindle? Get the Seminar Report:

"I'm at This Seminar, Now What?"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Fallow Garden

A good gardener allows part of the field go fallow every few years.

I think that is what happened to your blog service: Internet Marketing Service by Pam Hoffman.

Time to plant some seeds!

Ready to plow into the project again...

Pam Hoffman

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