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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Subject: Canada Marketing Summit offers Replay Videos! Miss A Session?

Did you hear the fantastic news? The guys at the Canada Marketing Summit are super excited as they are sharing the replays of all 16 of their 90 minute sessions for people to view online!

That's right, 16 of the top internet marketing teachers in the world have shown up and delivered outstanding content.

If you want to discover hot money making and conversion tips for your business, I suggest you tune in today for the last 4 sessions and then you get the replay access to watch what you missed.

But you do need to take action quickly, as there is a 'catch' but it's nothing major, only.... these replays will be going down after April 3. That means you only have less than a week to view them.

What is even cooler is, all the speakers special offers... you know... the ones where they give out super low prices on their best products?

Well... you'll have access to pick up their special offers as well and walk away with some excellent continuing educational content.

So, go to the site here: Canada Marketing Summit Replay Videos!

Enjoy the replays, let a few friends know about it, before the link is gone for good.

Pam Hoffman

PS - make sure you take time out now, as I know if you delay, you'll never get around to this incredible content.


Internet-and-Businesses-Online said...

arouse great information .. thanks

internet marketing services said...

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Pam Hoffman said...

Thank you for participating! Stop by anytime!

Pam Hoffman

cumentdunkjavascript:void(0) said...

nice post

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