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Ever wonder why you didn't hear about an event until too late? We gather all the info for you so you don't miss out.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Derek Gehl's Wealth Building Bootcamp

It's been awhile since I listed these so here we go (thanks to one reader for confirming the TN event!)

Wealth Building Bootcamps

Indianapolis, IN
Juy 7-8, 2007

Houston, Tx
July 14-15, 2007

San Diego, CA
July 21-22, 2007

Nashville, TN
July 28-29, 2007

Albuquerque, NM
August 4-5, 2007

Boston, MA
August 11-12, 2007

Or check out his list for another time: Wealth Building Bootcamp

If you go, Let us Know!

Pam Hoffman

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Week Ahead, July 1 thru 7, 2007

Celebrating Independence for the USA! Funny how we celebrate stuff like that. Like Cinco de Mayo. Only one single city in Mexico ever celebrates that particular 'independenc day' yet here in the states, it's HUGE (at least in our area - southern California).

Friday evening again and things are going just GREAT!

Since you're sitting at your computer, I thought you should know about the UPCOMING Internet Marketing Seminars.

Remember why they are so important to you (assuming you are hoping to make a $ or 5M online): The Carlos/Lupe Story

Here are your choices for the first week in July (and if i missed something that you know about, be sure to let me know!)

Finishing up...

Peter Woodhead's Copywriting Workshop
June 28-July 1, 2007

Free Internet Marketing Seminar
June 30-July 1, 2007
London, England

Starting up...

Armand Morin Live in England
July 6-8, 2007
London, England

Wealth Building Bootcamp
July 7-8
Indianapolis, IN

Thanks for stopping by!

Pam Hoffman


p.s. one site with frequent IMSeminars, click to see: WBB

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Armand Morin Live in England!

This guy is a powerhouse.

Armand Morin Live in England
July 6-8, 2007
near Gatwick Airport

OK, I get it. Armand was at the Bournemouth event earlier this year and was inspired to run his own seminar in England.

So, for the first time ever, Armand is going overseas to do a live seminar. It's just him for three days. Only about 150 people are signed up so far so it should be a great way to really get some attention and learn from this master internet marketer.

If you go, Let us know!

Pam Hoffman

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Peter Woodhead's Copywriting Workshop

Peter Woodhead's 'Copywriting Workshop'
June 28th thru July 1st, 2007

"Learn how to write Google Adword Pay Per Click adverts", says Peter

Not our typical fare yet I see Copywriting as important and integral to the Online Internet Marketing. Let's say you just hate it and you want to outsource that. How will you know if it's any good?

Like most things, knowing something about it can serve you well!

If you go, Let us know!

Pam Hoffman

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I've always said that travel is the best university; getting from one place to another means more than physical movement. It also entails change, challenge, new ideas and inspirations."

-Dame Anita Roddick

Monday, June 25, 2007

OMG Carlos & Lupe & their CRAZY idea!

I just got this email and I CAN'T give you the link they sent me but I figured out how you can get your own...

Visit: Carlos & Lupe's Blog

Take a look at their 6/25/07 entry and get in there! Only 500 openings (i already got mine!) so you'd better hurry.

They are opening up one full hour of live streaming video of their seminar this weekend. You know, the one people are paying $25k to be in. Serious stuff.

Let's share notes here after the event. I'll tell you what I can after Friday the 29th.

Pam Hoffman

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Global Business Conference 3.0

This Seminar is like $5! How does THAT work?

Global Business Conference 3.0
Activating the Secrets to Small Business Success
June 25-28, 2007
"4 days, 9 speakers, 0 travel time"

I'd better stick to the live events I think.

Getting into teleseminars and online events would probably make me crazy!

I found some worth telling you about though!

Stay Tuned,

Pam Hoffman

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Week Ahead: June 24-30, 2007

It's Friday evening again. Do you know where the next Internet Marketing Seminar(s) will be? That's what I'm here to let you know!

You definitely want to know about the one you can attend from home - STAY TUNED!

Remember why they are so important to you (assuming you are hoping to make a $ or 5M online): The Carlos/Lupe Story they went to a seminar and wow... It changed their lives!

Next week, you could be at...

Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery
June 24-27, 2007
Melbourne, Australia

Marketing Masters
Sun, June 24, 2007
Orlando, FL

Wealth Building Bootcamp
Sun, June 24, 2007
Seattle, WA

Wed, June 27, 2007
Santa Clara, CA

Peter Woodhead's Copywriting Workshop
Thurs, June 28-July 1, 2007

Ok, gotta find out more about that one for you.

Traffic Tactics by Carlos & Lupe
Fri, June 29-30, 2007
Tampa, FL

They are asking $25K! per head. I'm sure it's worth it. I found out a little bit about why so I'll write that up too.

Enjoy your weekend,

Pam Hoffman


p.s. the seminar with the best deal and that moves around the most is: WBB

"You must participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings."

-Elizabeth Gilbert

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Searchnomics 2007

Just found ANOTHER ONE! Have you ever even heard of this?

Searchnomics 2007
June 27, 2007
Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara Convention Center

Searchnomics 2007 Conference is aimed at web and internet marketing professionals. Search has become the enabler for business. It is the most efficient medium connecting business and customers. Searchnomics is where the leaders of the search industry meet to share cutting-edge knowledge, best practices, and trends in:

• Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Design and Development
• Branding and Promotion
• Web Analytics
• New Innovations and Opportunities

Searchnomics is a can't miss learning and networking event for anyone that uses the web for internet marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising, acquiring customers, branding, and commerce.

This sounds like a SERIOUS seminar! Some heavy hitters, google bigwigs, etc. will be speaking.

If you go, Let us know!

Pam Hoffman

Free Internet Marketing Seminar in London!

Sorry I didn't hear about this before (and sorry i won't be in London! i LOVE London!).

Free Internet Marketing Seminar
June 30-July 1, 2007
Selfridges Hotel, Oxford Street, Central London

In my experience, these are the type of seminar where they 'sell from the platform' so be prepared! They can be VERY informative, just be prepared.

If you go, Let us know,

Pam Hoffman

p.s. blogger Ade Lamidi posted this info.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Online IM Seminar - STARTS TODAY!

I just found out, check it quick!

Enroll In
eComXpo University!

Enrolling in the eComXpo University gives you up to six month's access to over 160 on-demand presentations from industry experts.

Enjoy and learn from industry heavyweights like: Seth Godin, Shawn Collins, Declan Dunn, Paul Colligan and Chris Pirillo!

Just $49.95!

Click Here To Register Now!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Miami in July - Affiliate Summit - Can't wait!

I just got word: Affiliate Summit Miami is almost SOLD OUT

Affiliate Summit
July 8-10, 2007
Miami, FL

Click to learn more - there's a place to sign up as well!

If you go, Let us know,

Pam Hoffman

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogger reports FROM Marketing Mastery

This is cool. A blogger AT THE SEMINAR reports from the seminar live...


I'm new to this but I think I LOVE bloggers. How cool is this? Someone at the seminar, reporting back to you and I!

Go Bloggers Go!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. i think i MISSED this one! i've been looking around and ..notin'! anyone know anything about it? if i get a link, i'll check for the next one! thanks, pam

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Free Teleseminar 6/21/07

Eric Seidel & Sean Hannity host a Free Teleseminar:

How To Get More Media Attention
To Attract More Prospects, More Customers
And More Cash Flow Today

Sign up here!

Thursday, June 21st
at 9 PM Eastern/ 5 PM Pacific

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Week Ahead 6/17-6/23/07

It's Friday evening and since you're here reading my blog, I presume that you AREN'T at the Internet Marketing Seminar going on right now somewhere in the world. (that's practically the case i've noticed!)

Since you're sitting at your computer, I thought you should know about the UPCOMING Internet Marketing Seminars.

Remember why they are so important to you? (assuming you are hoping to make a $ or 5M online): The Carlos/Lupe Story

So, looking over the Calendar here, you're menu of choices is...

Marketing Masters
Fri-Sun, June 22-24, 2007
Orlando, Florida

Wealth Building Bootcamp
Sat-Sun, June 23-24, 2007
Seattle, WA

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your weekend,

Pam Hoffman

p.s. THE site for the most frequent IMSeminars i've found yet, click to see: WBB

p.p.s. i found a seminar you can attend from HOME! i'll write about it a little later since it's coming this fall.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Katheryn!

My daughter, a sailor in the Navy, is 24 today!

She is stationed aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and they recently returned from the Persian Gulf.

I know the actions aren't popular but our men and women in the services deserve our support - they are all our young people.

Consider making a little time in your day in support of them in a manner you see fit.

Thank you,

Pam Hoffman

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

May I Interview You?

Have you been to an Internet Marketing Seminar in the past few months? May I interview you?
I'd be willing to 1) call you, 2) share any 'info product' which comes out of our conversation and 3) post the converstion on my blog and 4) offer you a chance to promote your current online endeavor of choice.

I'm in the process of creating some basic interview questions and I'll be testing this out in the near future.

I'll be recording a conversation with my buddy and I'll transcribe the resulting information. I'm going to see if I can offer the recorded information as well as post the transcribed results here on my blog.

Have you had your '15 minutes' of Fame yet? Come on Down!

Pam Hoffman

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Marketing Masters - Donald Trump Style...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Its a 4-month program
Four 30-day interactive online courses
Four special topic sessions of 60-90 minutes each
Four 90 minute, live, interactive teleseminars, Q&A
With Professor Sexton

Even Donald Trump knows it's important to understand marketing, and bottom line, that's what it's all about - in any endeavour you take on. Even job hunting!

Ever hear Mr. Trump speak live? He's really just a regular guy 'with a big bankroll' like his son Don likes to say. I never had a super impression of him UNTIL I heard him speak! He is totally for real, no b.s. and tells it like it is. I really appreciate that and I've been on a quest to read what he writes. One book read, another in the works and I gotta find the others. You gotta admire someone who dug himself out of the huge financial holes that he did, whatever else you think of him, he knows something of value and others can learn from it and he is HAPPY to share!

In any case, what do we have here for this seminar coming up...
from the website...

The Marketing Mastery Program
Good marketing isn't magic — it's the application of proven techniques and strategies. The right marketing strategy can give you a critical edge over your competition. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand and be able to apply good marketing.
Until now, there were only two ways to become a marketing master. You could go to a business school for years and get your MBA, or you could spend years in the real world, learning from experience and the people who got there before you.
Now, thanks to Trump University's new Marketing Mastery Program, there's nothing stopping you from learning everything you need to know to create successful, powerful and profitable marketing strategies for your business... in just 4 months!
Forget trying to learn from dry, boring and impractical textbooks — at Trump University, you'll engage interactively through video tutorials, online activities, downloadable audio sessions you can listen to anywhere, and live teleseminars including Q&A sessions with top marketing professionals.

Learn by example
You'll analyze the targeting, positioning and competitive landscape of three real, illuminating US marketing campaigns from the 60's, 80's and 90's. You'll learn what works and what fails and when a strategic shift in brand strategy can take a company to the next level.

Learn by doing
The most effective way to understand marketing is by doing it. You'll build skills that you can apply in business, and then you'll apply them by tackling realistic marketing challenges — including your own!

Learn from the experts
Guiding your 4-month course is one of the foremost marketing and branding consultants in the world, Don Sexton, M.B.A., Ph.D. As a frequent consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Sexton is uniquely qualified to teach their marketing secrets to small business owners like you. He's been a full-time faculty member at Columbia University's Business School for almost four decades and is a recipient of the school's Distinguished Teaching Award. Here at Trump University, Dr. Sexton is our subject matter expert and faculty member in the areas of marketing and sales. Together with the rest of Trump University's world-class team of "been there and done it" business experts, Dr. Sexton has developed a program guaranteed to give you the marketing smarts you'll need to get out there and make it happen.

Apply what you learn to your own business
At Trump University, we're committed to training successful entrepreneurs. What we teach you must be applicable to your own business in the real world, or it's just useless theory. That's why you'll develop a branding strategy for your own business as part of this course. You'll zero-in on the key benefits that should define your brand in your customer's minds. Then you'll create a strategy that ensures that your brand is supported not only by your name and logo, but also by every facet of your business. The marketing muscles that you develop during this course will give you the power to achieve tangible results anywhere you go, in any business endeavor you pursue.

Sounds like it's going to be work... and EVER SO worth it!

Go get 'em!

Pam Hoffman


Monday, June 11, 2007

You Should Be Here >x

This is exactly why an Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service is SO IMPORTANT! You need to know about these things - especially when they come to a city near you!

Today, I learned about Carlos & Lupe Garcia. This couple attended an Internet Marketing Seminar in 1999 or 2000. Last March 2007, the first time speaking in public, they went over how they earn millions a month. Here is a little more about them...

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.
Every marketer online wants more of that
precious resource... TRAFFIC!
As we all know, there are many different
ways to generate traffic online...
Google AdWords... Yahoo (Overture)...
Affiliate Programs... Articles...
Viral Reports... Joint Ventures...
SEO... Etc. Etc. Etc.
And most marketers, the ones that any
experience online, think they "know it all"
when it comes to traffic generation because
so many strategies are often repeated and
regurgitated over and over online.
...I want to 'expose' you to some additional
traffic generation methods that you probably
don't even know exist... (at least not on
this 'level'...)
I'll never forget something that 'happened'
about 5 years ago... I was strolling around a little sit-down
lobby area during a break at a marketing
seminar. There were tons of couches and comfy chairs setup
and lots of people were on their laptops... A young guy was sitting
on a couch by himself and as I walked by I couldn't help
but notice his huge laptop screen... And what was on
it really caught my eye. He was looking at some kind of crazy data
report. It had graphs and charts and TONS of numbers all over it.
Being a diehard tester I just *knew* that he
was looking at some sort of marketing data.
Some sort of results from traffic campaigns or something.
So I just *had to* approach him and ask...
"Hey, sorry to be so nosey but are you checking out your traffic stats?"
He seemed a bit shy and reserved but looked up at me and replied, "Yeah...
I just started a new ad campaign today and wanted to see how it was performing."
After seeing how much crazy data he had on his screen I knew he was
dealing with quite a bit of traffic... this wasn't
just a 100 clicks a day AdWords campaign.
So I asked, "You buying a bunch of clicks or ad impressions?"
"This campaign is with ad impressions that are delivered
across several big web sites... about 4,000,000 impressions."
My immediate response was... "Wow! 4,000,000 ad impressions
for a single monthly campaign, impressive!"
He looked up and let out a little laugh...
"No... 4,000,000 FOR TODAY."
His name was Carlos Garcia.
Carlos is the epitomy of "under the radar" online marketer. You
won't find him at seminars.
Or in marketing forums. You haven't seen people promoting his
products in JVs. And the odds are good you've
never even seen a photo of him -- I don't think there's
a single one online. (I could be wrong.)
He hasn't been selling "make money"
products to Internet marketers or speaking
at Internet seminars...
Yet he makes the majority of self-proclaimed
Internet "gurus" look like first-graders when
it comes to online success...
AS $5,000,000 SALES A
And that traffic was from just *one* of his
projects. ONE.
What Carlos, and his wife, Lupe, learned to master is
the online game of doing large media buys. Like banners or other
ads of all shapes and sizes that are
served everyday across the Internet by the
I'm talking about online ads that are being
served in numbers everyday that DWARF
the number of PPC search engine ads.
So many marketers overlook these ads
as possible traffic generators.
But that's okay. That's exactly how
Carlos and a few other marketers like it.
They LOVE the fact the most people only buy traffic from
AdWords. It keeps their prices down.
Ever heard of DoubleClick? You
know the advertising agency that Google just
bought for $3 BILLION DOLLARS?
Well, that is just ONE of the companies
online that brokers those billions of graphical ad impressions.
And there are MANY others.
Like aQuantive. A name you've probably never heard of.
Microsoft just bought them... FOR $6 BILLION DOLLARS.
There is HUGE money and HUGE traffic in this
ad serving business. Carlos & Lupe learned to play this
game of buying TONS of traffic and leveraging it into big
profits. As much as $5,000,000 a month. Not bad for a couple of
deadbroke high school drop-outs that decided to attend an Internet
seminar when they were 20 years old.
They took that info and everything they could learn to
generate huge success in a short period of time.
They are a true "rags to riches" story. And all of
their traffic is from this "big media" traffic. NONE from SEO or Adwords
PPC stuff. Carlos & Lupe spoke for the first time about what
they have been doing at Yanik Silver's recent "Underground" seminar... The crowd was BLOWN-AWAY by the monsterous numbers they are dealing with.

excerpt from a message written by John Reese

And WHO KNOWS what the next 'big thing' will be? Or, more likely, how your individual brain and thought process will put things together.

I know I've seen magazine ads & TV at virtually the same instant and WHAM something totally out of the ether comes to me - something I've never heard of. I've done some digging into these past brainstorms and you know, there was very little out there that was happening but the idea was so very useful, solved multiple problems, whatever.

Go soon, come back and share any thoughts you might have. I will too!

Stay Tuned,

Pam Hoffman

Saturday, June 9, 2007

"You've gotta be original, because if you're like someone else, what do they need you for?
--Bernadette Peters

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Internet Marketing SuperConference 9

From their site...

Announcing A Breakthrough in Internet Marketing:

The Internet Marketing
SuperConference 9 is Now...
A Year-Long Seminar
Starting with a LIVE 4-Days in Las Vegas
June 21 to June 24, 2007
Thursday to Sunday
And Continuing Throughout 2007 and into 2008!!!

This Year's Live Conference Focus Is:
Google Secrets
Traffic Generation
Web 2.0Copywriting Secrets - Old and New
Valuable Tools and Resources

Mark your calendars for the LIVE seminar June 21-24, 2007 (FOUR days).
And, remember, that's just the beginning. It's no longer enough to get a weekend of Internet Marketing (even a LONG 4 day weekend).
Things are changing more rapidly than once a year or even two or three times a year. Today, you have to keep up daily so you don't get left out of the loop when it comes to the latest techniques for...

Attracting More Traffic To Your Site
Building Your List
Creating/Acquiring Quality Content and Products and
Converting Your Traffic Into Sales

That's why we've expanded this Internet Seminar, The Internet Marketing SuperConference 9, to a...

Year Long Program

Daily you will be able to stay in touch and network with attendees through our new Membership site. And through our bonus package, every week you will be hearing from experts in the latest new thing on Internet Marketing. Plus, daily, you will benefit from incoming links that are part of our new private linking network.

And all of it starts with the LIVE seminar in Las Vegas, NV. This year features...

WOW! I just found this one - a total fluke! I was on another site and happened to look at my Alexa Toolbar, you know, where they give you other suggested websites. Only one of them looked even remotely interesting for the blog and here it is!

If you go, Let us know,

Pam Hoffman


Thursday, June 7, 2007


Internet Marketing Guru Reveals How
1000's Of Regular People Are Raking In
$8,750 to $66,200 A MONTH With Simple
Website Businesses!
If you've ever dreamed of being your
own boss and all the perks that go
with it, such as:

* Quitting your job...
* Sleeping in every day... and
* Setting your own schedule...

... Or if you have an existing web
business and you'd like to discover
how to turn more of your visitors
into BUYERS...

You won't want to miss an opportunity
to attend The Internet Marketing
Center's 2-Day Intensive Internet
Wealth-Building Bootcamp!
To find a seminar happening in your
city, including a complete itinerary
of the stealth strategies you'll learn,
go here now: find it quick!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Joel Comm Speaks at Harv Eker's...

Joel Comm is Speaking at

Harv Eker's

Never Work Again Seminar
Fri Jun 22, 2007
Orlando, FL

I've seen Harv - he's a dynamo!

I heard a little bit about this seminar but I don't know much about it.

Going? Review it here when you get back.

Pam Hoffman


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

REMINDER: Several Internet Marketing Seminars this month!

There are several Internet Marketing Seminars/Trade Shows coming up soon that were mentioned earlier. I thought it was time for a 'reminder' message... : )

Internet Retailers Conference & Exhibition
June 4-7, 2007
San Jose, CA

jvAlert Live!
June 8-10, 2007
Philadelphia, PA

Wealth Building Bootcamp
June 9-10, 2007
Miami, FL

eBay Developer's Conference
June 11-13, 2007
Boston, MA

eBay Live!
June 14-16, 2007
Boston, MA

Search Engine Watch's conference on search engine marketing comes to:
SES Toronto: June 12-13, 2007
SES Latino: June 18-19, 2007

Michael Penland's Internet Marketing Extravaganza
June 15-17, 2007
Orlando, Fl

Whew, busy month! I've heard that is it slow for internet marketing. Does that make sense that there are many seminars in the slow months?!?

If you go, Let us know!

Pam Hoffman


Monday, June 4, 2007

Michael Penland's Internet Marketing Extravaganza

"18 Top World Class Marketing and Cash Flow ExpertsGather Under One Roof To Reveal Their "Hottest"Secrets, Techniques, Strategies, Tips, and Systems!"

Discover the 'Secrets' at the marketing event of the year
Orlando, Florida ... June 15 - 17, 2007
Internet & Joint Venture Marketing

I just got word from Nathan Anderson of Metawebs and OMM fame!

Pam Hoffman


p.s. did you sign up for Online Marketing Monthly yet? here ya go

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery

The Power to Create Wealth

That's what Stephen Pierce says: "Discover how to leverage what you already know, do and have and turn it into unlimited weath using the internet."

That's potent! Love to go. Gotta work it into the plan here.

Wealth Mastery
June 24-27, 2007
Melbourne, Australia

I just looked, this is Sunday thru Wednesday. That's different.

Ever been to Australia? Tell us all about it!

Pam Hoffman


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