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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Marketing Masters - Donald Trump Style...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Its a 4-month program
Four 30-day interactive online courses
Four special topic sessions of 60-90 minutes each
Four 90 minute, live, interactive teleseminars, Q&A
With Professor Sexton

Even Donald Trump knows it's important to understand marketing, and bottom line, that's what it's all about - in any endeavour you take on. Even job hunting!

Ever hear Mr. Trump speak live? He's really just a regular guy 'with a big bankroll' like his son Don likes to say. I never had a super impression of him UNTIL I heard him speak! He is totally for real, no b.s. and tells it like it is. I really appreciate that and I've been on a quest to read what he writes. One book read, another in the works and I gotta find the others. You gotta admire someone who dug himself out of the huge financial holes that he did, whatever else you think of him, he knows something of value and others can learn from it and he is HAPPY to share!

In any case, what do we have here for this seminar coming up...
from the website...

The Marketing Mastery Program
Good marketing isn't magic — it's the application of proven techniques and strategies. The right marketing strategy can give you a critical edge over your competition. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand and be able to apply good marketing.
Until now, there were only two ways to become a marketing master. You could go to a business school for years and get your MBA, or you could spend years in the real world, learning from experience and the people who got there before you.
Now, thanks to Trump University's new Marketing Mastery Program, there's nothing stopping you from learning everything you need to know to create successful, powerful and profitable marketing strategies for your business... in just 4 months!
Forget trying to learn from dry, boring and impractical textbooks — at Trump University, you'll engage interactively through video tutorials, online activities, downloadable audio sessions you can listen to anywhere, and live teleseminars including Q&A sessions with top marketing professionals.

Learn by example
You'll analyze the targeting, positioning and competitive landscape of three real, illuminating US marketing campaigns from the 60's, 80's and 90's. You'll learn what works and what fails and when a strategic shift in brand strategy can take a company to the next level.

Learn by doing
The most effective way to understand marketing is by doing it. You'll build skills that you can apply in business, and then you'll apply them by tackling realistic marketing challenges — including your own!

Learn from the experts
Guiding your 4-month course is one of the foremost marketing and branding consultants in the world, Don Sexton, M.B.A., Ph.D. As a frequent consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Sexton is uniquely qualified to teach their marketing secrets to small business owners like you. He's been a full-time faculty member at Columbia University's Business School for almost four decades and is a recipient of the school's Distinguished Teaching Award. Here at Trump University, Dr. Sexton is our subject matter expert and faculty member in the areas of marketing and sales. Together with the rest of Trump University's world-class team of "been there and done it" business experts, Dr. Sexton has developed a program guaranteed to give you the marketing smarts you'll need to get out there and make it happen.

Apply what you learn to your own business
At Trump University, we're committed to training successful entrepreneurs. What we teach you must be applicable to your own business in the real world, or it's just useless theory. That's why you'll develop a branding strategy for your own business as part of this course. You'll zero-in on the key benefits that should define your brand in your customer's minds. Then you'll create a strategy that ensures that your brand is supported not only by your name and logo, but also by every facet of your business. The marketing muscles that you develop during this course will give you the power to achieve tangible results anywhere you go, in any business endeavor you pursue.

Sounds like it's going to be work... and EVER SO worth it!

Go get 'em!

Pam Hoffman



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