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Monday, June 11, 2007

You Should Be Here >x

This is exactly why an Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service is SO IMPORTANT! You need to know about these things - especially when they come to a city near you!

Today, I learned about Carlos & Lupe Garcia. This couple attended an Internet Marketing Seminar in 1999 or 2000. Last March 2007, the first time speaking in public, they went over how they earn millions a month. Here is a little more about them...

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.
Every marketer online wants more of that
precious resource... TRAFFIC!
As we all know, there are many different
ways to generate traffic online...
Google AdWords... Yahoo (Overture)...
Affiliate Programs... Articles...
Viral Reports... Joint Ventures...
SEO... Etc. Etc. Etc.
And most marketers, the ones that any
experience online, think they "know it all"
when it comes to traffic generation because
so many strategies are often repeated and
regurgitated over and over online.
...I want to 'expose' you to some additional
traffic generation methods that you probably
don't even know exist... (at least not on
this 'level'...)
I'll never forget something that 'happened'
about 5 years ago... I was strolling around a little sit-down
lobby area during a break at a marketing
seminar. There were tons of couches and comfy chairs setup
and lots of people were on their laptops... A young guy was sitting
on a couch by himself and as I walked by I couldn't help
but notice his huge laptop screen... And what was on
it really caught my eye. He was looking at some kind of crazy data
report. It had graphs and charts and TONS of numbers all over it.
Being a diehard tester I just *knew* that he
was looking at some sort of marketing data.
Some sort of results from traffic campaigns or something.
So I just *had to* approach him and ask...
"Hey, sorry to be so nosey but are you checking out your traffic stats?"
He seemed a bit shy and reserved but looked up at me and replied, "Yeah...
I just started a new ad campaign today and wanted to see how it was performing."
After seeing how much crazy data he had on his screen I knew he was
dealing with quite a bit of traffic... this wasn't
just a 100 clicks a day AdWords campaign.
So I asked, "You buying a bunch of clicks or ad impressions?"
"This campaign is with ad impressions that are delivered
across several big web sites... about 4,000,000 impressions."
My immediate response was... "Wow! 4,000,000 ad impressions
for a single monthly campaign, impressive!"
He looked up and let out a little laugh...
"No... 4,000,000 FOR TODAY."
His name was Carlos Garcia.
Carlos is the epitomy of "under the radar" online marketer. You
won't find him at seminars.
Or in marketing forums. You haven't seen people promoting his
products in JVs. And the odds are good you've
never even seen a photo of him -- I don't think there's
a single one online. (I could be wrong.)
He hasn't been selling "make money"
products to Internet marketers or speaking
at Internet seminars...
Yet he makes the majority of self-proclaimed
Internet "gurus" look like first-graders when
it comes to online success...
AS $5,000,000 SALES A
And that traffic was from just *one* of his
projects. ONE.
What Carlos, and his wife, Lupe, learned to master is
the online game of doing large media buys. Like banners or other
ads of all shapes and sizes that are
served everyday across the Internet by the
I'm talking about online ads that are being
served in numbers everyday that DWARF
the number of PPC search engine ads.
So many marketers overlook these ads
as possible traffic generators.
But that's okay. That's exactly how
Carlos and a few other marketers like it.
They LOVE the fact the most people only buy traffic from
AdWords. It keeps their prices down.
Ever heard of DoubleClick? You
know the advertising agency that Google just
bought for $3 BILLION DOLLARS?
Well, that is just ONE of the companies
online that brokers those billions of graphical ad impressions.
And there are MANY others.
Like aQuantive. A name you've probably never heard of.
Microsoft just bought them... FOR $6 BILLION DOLLARS.
There is HUGE money and HUGE traffic in this
ad serving business. Carlos & Lupe learned to play this
game of buying TONS of traffic and leveraging it into big
profits. As much as $5,000,000 a month. Not bad for a couple of
deadbroke high school drop-outs that decided to attend an Internet
seminar when they were 20 years old.
They took that info and everything they could learn to
generate huge success in a short period of time.
They are a true "rags to riches" story. And all of
their traffic is from this "big media" traffic. NONE from SEO or Adwords
PPC stuff. Carlos & Lupe spoke for the first time about what
they have been doing at Yanik Silver's recent "Underground" seminar... The crowd was BLOWN-AWAY by the monsterous numbers they are dealing with.

excerpt from a message written by John Reese

And WHO KNOWS what the next 'big thing' will be? Or, more likely, how your individual brain and thought process will put things together.

I know I've seen magazine ads & TV at virtually the same instant and WHAM something totally out of the ether comes to me - something I've never heard of. I've done some digging into these past brainstorms and you know, there was very little out there that was happening but the idea was so very useful, solved multiple problems, whatever.

Go soon, come back and share any thoughts you might have. I will too!

Stay Tuned,

Pam Hoffman


ArahMan7 said...

Thanks for this link. That's impressive. 5 million per month? If I could earned 1K per month is more enough for me, let alone 5M!

You're right. I don't know who I gonna meet in one of these seminars, huh? S/he could be Carlos & Lupe Garcia. Think how much I could learned from them.

See you around, Pam.

Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

~ ArahMan7

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