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Friday, May 18, 2007

Marketing Masters?

I got something in the mail today. It was the third mailing from the same organization. Who sends mail anymore? From what I've learned, it can be a GREAT marketing tool! I'll tell you more about that some time.

Each of these mailers 'stood out' from the rest of the mail in some way. The first one was in a shiny purple mylar-type envelope. OK, I'm a girl and the purple got my attention!

Then came a cardboard-y type envelope as though it came thru DHL or someone (the colors where somewhat DHL-y).

And TODAY, the envelop is a little more normal though a bigger than average size - the pages inside fit with one fold - top down to bottom.

And the front is all red print on the white envelope and it has a border like something southwestern; the 'bust' pictures of the three main guys running this thing and huge letters: "JOIN THE MARKETING MASTERS IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA"...

Did you get them too? Fascinating. Today, I actually sat down and looked thru the material in this mailing. I guess I thought it was something else initially. Remember, it takes several iterations to make people notice!

They really laid it on with a 'sob story' on pink 'stationary' in a pink envelope right after I pulled out this bundle. And I read it all! You see, I too broke my neck - when I was 16. I'm blessed to be darn close to normal today. I had a child, raised her on my own and now she serves the Navy's best on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower!!! I'm very proud. And I'm very, very lucky.

So they have a bunch of stuff in this envelope along with this extra little 'letter' enticing me to go to their seminar.

You can too...

12 Information Marketing "SUPERSTARS"
Armand Morin
Alex Mandossian
Perry Marshall
Marshall Sylver
Adam Sternberg
Adam Ginsberg
Matt Bacak
Drew Miles
Debra Thompson
Katerina Chase
John Childers

FUN - EASY - LUCRATIVE << it says so right on the last page!

Sign Up Today & Learn
How To Make $1000 A Day, At Home!
Friday - Saturday - Sunday, June 22, 23, 24, 2007
Orlando, Florida

OK, so I made a big deal out of it too now... :)

If you go, Let us know,

Pam Hoffman



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