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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Would a Calendar Format Help?

Would a Calendar help?

I can post these messages and add the dates to the blog and it will probably seem a bit random (the primary consistency being when i found them).

Would a 'calendar' help find the Seminar near you and when you can go? How is that done? I looked thru the material in blogger and there isn't an add-on that will do it.

One thing I can think of is to start one in a different venue (i like the way the Yahoo! Groups calendar works myself) then provide a link in the navigation area of this blog, to that calendar.

I would have to make it available somehow. I'm not sure Yahoo! Groups works that way. Does anyone know how to put a calendar with all these dates into a blog like this?

I'd be grateful if you would let me know!

Pam Hoffman



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