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Sunday, May 27, 2007

World Internet Summit: Singapore going on right now!

This sounds just awesome...

World Internet Mega Summit
26th-29th May, 2007

I realize you can' t make it now (unless you live in the neighborhood - MAYBE) but it looks like you CAN view some of it on your computer OR get DVDs after the event.

Click here for more information

This blog is more than just my ramblings. If you go, Let us know AND add your commentary on the event because there are people out there who want to know if it is worth looking for the seminar next time.

OH, when you leave your message, be sure to leave us 'breadcrumbs' - a URL or an email, in case we want to learn more about you &/or what you are up to.

I appreciate your visit,

Pam Hoffman



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