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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2007

I find these in the weirdest ways - this was actually on one of the adsense ads below. Of course I couldn't click right on it (even if i wanted to sign up for it from my own site!) so I took the URL they had and it worked!

June 4-7, 2007
McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, California

From their site:

Internet Retailer 2007 Conference & Exhibition has expanded its
workshop offerings from one to three based on the overwhelmingly favorable
response to our first workshop last year (fully half of all 2,400 paid
conference attendees at IRCE 2006 attended its workshop on online marketing) and
requests to expand the workshop curriculum to cover other e-retailing topics.
Unlike the main conference agenda, the workshop programs allow attendees to
devote an entire day to examining in depth a single area of operation that is
vital to the success of an online retailing enterprise. By focusing on a single
discipline for a full day, attendees learn the basic and advanced skills needed
to achieve excellence in their e-retailing enterprises. Success in a competitive
e-retailing market requires dedication, and the most dedicated of e-retailers
attend these daylong workshops.

Keynote speakers are...
Jim McCann
Founder & CEO

Reed Hastings
Founder & CEO
Netflix, Inc

Sounds pretty interesting. Will you be going? Wanna write up your experience? Go ahead and tell us all about it!

If you go, Let us know!

Pam Hoffman



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