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Saturday, May 26, 2007

SPECIAL ITEM TODAY: "I'm Starving To Death, but how's your weekend?"

I received this special and important email today from John Reese, so I'm doing my part by reposting it here:

I'll make this short and sweet as I'm sure
you are busy enjoying your
holiday weekend...
Do you know how miserable it must be to have
of actual HUNGER that will never go

Well, unfortunately, millions of children are
feeling that pain
right this very second.
But YOU can help change that.
My close friend,
Stephen Pierce, has just launched
an amazing fundraiser…

His goal is to feed over 1,000,000 million children
within 72 HOURS.
And I want to help him do it.
While many of us are enjoying our Memorial
Weekends by relaxing and spending time with
friends & family, let
us not forget that there are
many people all over the world that are
at this very moment. And many of them are

Please join Income.com, and Stephen’s other
great partners, in
helping to feed over 1,000,000
children that need our help.

Here’s How You Can Help:

1. Visit the web site at www.foragreatercause.org

2. Download the free "Success Report" that will by
itself donate a
plate of food on your behalf — even
if you don’t give one penny of your own

3. (Optional) Donate any amount that you’d like.
Every single dollar
will help.

* You get TONS of free business & success
audios, videos, and
special reports when you

4. Spread the word! Email your ezine lists, post
about this on your
blog, and feed children that
need our help!

A HUGE "Thank You" in advance for any help
you can offer this
amazing cause.
Yours For Online Profits,
John Reese

Thank you for reading this additional message. It's a blessing to have so much that we can give back to our world.

Be generous in your giving, in whatever way you can.

Pam Hoffman


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