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Monday, May 28, 2007

Wealth Building Bootcamp

The latest and greatest from Derek Gehl!

Miami, FL -- June 9 & 10
Phoenix, AZ -- June 16 & 17
Raleigh, NC -- June 16 & 17
Seattle, WA -- June 23 & 24

Looks like the Nashville, TN date fell off. All I know is what's on the list. I'll post news as I get ahold of it!

Go ahead and leave any comments you might have about this Bootcamp. I'd sure like to know more - when they come back to Southern California, I'm planning on going!

Pam Hoffman


p.s. Derek offers home study too: http://www.marketingtips.com/pro-bootcamp/t/914406

p.p.s. i'm working on the calendar and when i figure out the best way to offer it up for you, i will post it here. i'm kind of hoping that google will help us out with that part too! :)


pstovall said...

I have received info through the mail about the Nashville, TN, Wealth Building Bootcamp scheduled for July 28th and 29th, 2007 -- so guess it's alive and well.

Pam Hoffman said...

Hi pstovall!

Thank you for the update on that. I'll check on my listings and make any changes necessary.

Will you be going to the Bootcamp? If you go, would you be willing to chat a bit about what you learned?

I'm scheduled to interview David White a little later on today so I'll have some 'experience' when I get to you ;).

I'll be posting that interview as soon as I get it squared away and transcribed. So...

Stay Tuned!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. i'll add a link to my messages for the bootcamps as well.

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