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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Internet Marketing & Website Makeover Workshop

A recent find, this was a 'google alert' discovery. If you are interested in tracking anything on the internet, you might consider starting one for yourself. I put in "Internet Marketing Seminar" and they come to me now!

I captured some of their info for you...

This seminar/workshop will focus on enabling business owners and marketing executives to evaluate their current internet marketing strategies and gain insight into techniques that will maximize their companies internet presence. We will educate you about how search engines work and how to effectively market your website. We'll help you turn your website into a lead-generating investment that pays exceptional dividends, instead of just being an expense.

Internet Marketing & Website Makeover Workshop
January 31, 2008
Manhattan Beach, CA

Includes: Free Catered Lunch

Gregg Towsley has over ten years combined experience in internet based software, product development, marketing and internet marketing. He’s a certified internet marketing consultant, certified in search engine optimization (SEMPO), and paid search internet marketing. (Google Adwords Certified). Owner of WSI, located in Manhattan Beach, Gregg will share strategies that will change your business forever.

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