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Monday, January 14, 2008

How to Pick a Good Wealth Seminar

Han's, at Wealth Seminar Review, asked for tips on how to pick a good Wealth Seminar.

The process is similar to picking a good real estate seminar which I discussed on my Real Estate Seminar List site. However there are many more choices for wealth seminars.

There are a million ways to make a million dollars.

The first thing is to try to figure out what method works for you. Some people might want to create wealth using internet marketing (probably most of the people reading this). Others might want to use real estate, public speaking, stock trading, foreign exchange, note brokering, etc. The list, while not endless, is quite long.

If you have the time, my advice is to look at several methods before choosing.

Go to as many free seminars as you can find and especially look for multi speaker seminar. That way you can explore several concepts over the course of one weekend.

Be aware that at these seminars they will try to sell you something. That's fine. Their job is to get you to sign up for their own seminar. Again, that's fine. The right information is worth paying for.

How can you tell if it is the right information?

That's the hard question. I don't have a definitive answer to that one. However, I can give you some clues to look for. First, ask around and seek people who have attended that seminar before. You aren't looking to find if it worked or didn't for that person, you want to know why it worked or didn't. If you have different skills and resources, you can tell if it would work out the same way for you.

Second, look at their style of presenting. If they freely give out information then you can be pretty sure they will give out a lot of information at their seminar. If, on the other hand, they are vague, making promises about what they will tell you while telling you little to nothing then they will probably be like that in their seminar.

My rule of thumb is that; if they give enough info for free that I could implement their strategy (if I had the time to reinvent the wheel and make the same mistakes they already made) it's worth paying for. In that case, the value of the seminar is the system they built. Expect them to sell computer tools or, less commonly, paper tools that will make their system much easier to implement. Also expect mentorships to be available. These may be worth getting but the important thing here is that you could do it without the tools or mentorship. It just wouldn't be as easy.

If, on the other hand, they get you all worked up with emotionally loaded phrases and keep promising that they'll give a lot of information if you go to the seminar, you will likely get exactly the same promises and hype at the seminar as they try to sell you an "advanced" version that has all the information they promised would be in the current seminar. If you find yourself in one if these, leave (or stick around and network).


And always, always network at the seminars. If I haven't been inspired by talking to a random person and I haven't inspired someone, it's a wasted trip. There are a lot of good ideas floating around these seminars and people will give them away for free (because, if they can't or don't want to do it, it has no value to them).

Concluding thoughts

Even a bad wealth seminar can give you good ideas (or let you know that you just don't have the mindset for this lifestyle). The best choice you can make when picking a wealth seminar is to go to one. Many people don't even consider going to a wealth seminar and they will never learn how much they don't know. Going to a wealth seminar will introduce you to concepts that may have never occurred to you. If you do decide that this life isn't for you, your time has not been wasted. You will have made an informed decision instead of just following the rest of the sheep.

Jeff Miller


astatic said...

Hi there,
Just came across your post about picking good wealth seminars.

I've attended one of Harv Eker's wealth training seminars through Peak Potentials and it was quite good. I was skeptical at first (as I am with most of these) but it turned out to be very inspiring.

Pam Hoffman said...

Hi astatic!

Thanks for stopping by. Do visit periodically - I have over 100 Seminars all lined up for you in 2008.

I have been thru Harv Eker's Seminar and it changed me.

I know because they have you fill out a form right at the beginning and you set down, in writing, your beliefs about money and wealth.

At the end of the weekend, you get the very same form to fill out again.

Everyone, including me, around me had a different set of beliefs about money. All were improved.

It changes you, for sure.

If you attend an Internet Marketing Seminar, do let me know so that I can interview you for my blog!

I offer a link to any one site of your choosing in the post as well.

Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman

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