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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Domainfest Global

Because of my blog and the way I've been signing up for things (i think) I started getting some interesting publications in the mail and I found out about THIS Seminar in one of them.

Domainfest Global
January 21-23, 2007
Hollywood, CA

Someone of note will be their first Keynote speaker:

Peter Hillary, adventurer and Mount Everest mountaineer, has completed over 35 mountaineering expeditions, was involved in the development of a new route across Antarctica to the South Pole, and was the first to have traversed the length of the Himalayas. With 25 years of experience in extreme risk environments, Hillary will share his unique insights on risk-taking, the spirit of adventure, and how they are relevant to your business decisions.

And a rare occurance for a Seminar on my list:

SnapNames LIVE Auction
SnapNames LIVE Auction continues with more great domain names. A special group of domains will be auctioned to benefit nonprofit organizations through Grassroots.org.

This Seminar is a little different than some that we have seen so far. This Internet Marketing Seminar will be centered around domain name sales. It works a little like the way Real Estate works. Buyers and Sellers of domain names will be most interested in this Seminar.

I think Real Estate is acually more regulated and has some different rules and is probably a little more complicated. It's like anything though, once you get into it, you learn all sorts of things. I know it's been like that with MY line of work!

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


clint said...

Hey Pam,

This is clint from promomaker.blogspot.com, you won my contest for the 500 entrecard credits.

I didnt know if you subcribed to my rss feed or not but send me a email clintpee@gmail.com and ill send them credits to you

Happy New Year

Pam Hoffman said...

You're Wonderful!

Thank you Clint. I really appreciate that.

Pam Hoffman

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