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Monday, October 20, 2008

OMMA Video

Hot on the heels of XLNT Momentum - October 2008 comes ANOTHER new series I found recently. I keep digging and they keep showing up! Lots of choices for you...

"That's Webertainment: Marketing Into the New Video Eco-System

"In this breathless episode in the OMMA Video series we come to the center of the entertainment universe, Los Angeles, to explore how marketing fits in to the new Webentainment eco-system, with its new challenges and opportunities. As online video production and distribution matures into a robust source of users’ entertainment and news, what are the best opportunities for marketers? When should brands underwrite the creation of new properties, and what are the advantages of getting in early in the creative process? Do marketers really want their messages hyper-distributed as freely as the content? How can media and content companies use the Web to both distribute and promote their own offline businesses, and how can brand marketers partner in the effort? How do agencies buy into this distributed content eco-system?"

A MediaPost LIVE event:

OMMA Video
October 29, 2008
Los Angeles, CA

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