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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Affiliate Incubator Report: Theresa Powell, Ticket Winner

Theresa Powell Reporting Back From Affiliate Incubator in Dallas, TX. Recall that Theresa won the ticket I had to offer for Affiliate Incubator this year because I couldn't go...

I had a great time and met some really good people. I was impressed with the information and the speakers which I am not impressed easily! It wasn't the most sophisticated seminar I have ever attended, BUT it was the most REAL seminar I have attended.

What I mean is this, the speakers gave real information that you could apply and benefit from even if you didn't buy any of their extended program offers. Most seminars do not deliver usable information. Unfortunately for the attendee, most seminars just tease you and you must buy more product to implement one piece of information.

Also, they had recent and current student testimonials proving that they are earning their big bucks through "Affiliate Marketing" and not just raking in monies from seminars. The purpose of their seminars wasn't to generate more income (although it was a plus), but to hunt other potential Affiliate Marketers to incorporate into their thriving businesses. Great way to do that....don't you think?

The information given throughout the seminar was "mind blowing" to say the least. People in the audience where from all over the world. London, Colorado, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington State and so on. The speakers were warm and approachable.

This was truly one of the best seminars I have attended in ages! Thank you so much for your generous gift. Stephanie and I are going to partner up and try the video idea first. I will be speaking in November at our eBay group "Back to Basics" class on my experience.

The two absolute best programs that were offered is the "Traffic Geyser" created by Frank Sousa & Mike Koenigs and Russell Brunson's "business expansion" programs. Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren are a couple of powerhouses that are on a good road to benefiting the good of all interested. I wish them much success.

Anik Singal made the whole "Affiliate Marketing" look like child's play. Anik is so laid back and easy going. Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher and John Barker presented a realization to the audience that anyone could do "Affiliate Marketing" if you possess the desire. Everyone of these speakers achieved success because they followed a simple work model. A work model that can be followed by anyone.

Stu and Russell emphasized that the secret to their success was "FOCUS". The secret to their "Affiliate Marketing" success was 1.) Traffic (which is where Traffic Geyser" fits in), 2.) Conversion (Russell's programs champion this subject), AND 3.) relationship w/the customer.

It was a grinding 3 full, long days of very valuable information and an education that I wouldn't trade for all the "tea in China". I feel blessed by the experience and I am positive that this will not be my last "Affiliate Marketing" seminar exposure.

Best regards, Theresa Powell

Oh, by the way.........I took 78 pages of notes and purchased the live seminar CD's at a great value of $97.........the only downfall is that the CD's are audio only and not visual.....there were many power point charts used that would have been beneficial re-viewing via an audio/visual CD package.....there was so much information to pack into 3 days that many of the power point slides were viewed too quickly to make full notes.....Theresa

Theresa Powell lists her ebay sales with ID: DelaynaRyanCollectibles

"Later, I plan to have my own web site as the pro-marketers suggest. By October end, folks can find me on www.RubyLane.com under the same m.o. - DelaynaRyanCollectibles were I will be selling vintage & retro jewelry pieces that are hard to find along w/other collectibles in my upcoming Ruby Lane store venue.

"I am an assistant organizer for the biggest eBay group via MeetUp.com founded by Stephanie Inge, eBaybes & eMales. Appreciate all the publicity I/we can get! Thanks!

"If there is room to mention one more eBay ID or store in this case, could you mention Stephanie's store, "Texas State of Mind". Stephanie sells authentic New Fossil purses and such. Without my best gal pal & business partner, I would not be were I am concerning on-line sales."

[Stephanie helped me find a winner for my Affiliate Incubator ticket!]

Pam Hoffman


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krl said...

Theresa Powell. Shes sounds sexy :)

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