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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

PPC Summit

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Find out how the experts run campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo!
Search Marketing (Overture), Microsoft adCenter (MSN), and all the smaller Pay Per Click Engines!

PPC Summits are designed as How To workshops that teach you how to better manage your PPC campaigns. The focus is solidly on advertiser education: how to spend less money, more effectively, with better results.

PPC Summit
September 24-25, 2007
Los Angeles, CA

They have a very clear description of their Seminar...
In these interactive, two day summits, you will be introduced to strategies and skills that are the foundation of successful pay per click marketing.

PPC Summits are designed to help you and the people at your firm become the savvy search engine advertisers you know you must be in order to maximize your pay per click opportunities, out perform your competitors, and build your business.

These Summits are designed for people who are active learners and want to
know EVERYTHING about pay per click marketing

Sounds really great, if you are into pay per click, and who isn't at some point or another? Might as well get the best training you can and this Seminar is tightly focused on this topic.

If You Go, Let Me Know

Pam Hoffman


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