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Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Offer

Our offer is very simple and direct: to give you a customized, step-by-step plan to grow your business.

We promise to cut through the noise in your marketplace to bring clean, actionable thinking. You will leave the two-day session with an understandable, workable and written plan to increase your business and bring more revenue to your enterprise.

We will teach you how to institute the following:

Effective Lead Generation
Effective Automatic Marketing Strategies and Tactics
Effective Selling Systems
Effective Business Systems, Organizations and Structures

The four points above have been discussed by others, but how many actually do these things and succeed? Not many. There are few who are doing it everyday in their own businesses both online and offline.

We will take your site and analyze the:

Lead generation systems
Traffic sources

We will tell you what to track and test within your business, so you can see and know exactly what to do. We will also list areas that you should ignore or avoid that can steal your valuable time. We will give you the final report in both written format and comprehensive Camtasia video. You won't have to remember what was said or re-examine your notes. All of the information will be there for you to review as many times as you need, whenever you need it.

You will walk away from this workshop with a map of your market and an understanding of your customers that will give you clear directions on how to "make It rain."

The cost of the conference is just $6,000.00, which includes both the conference and the service of evaluating your site. Our normal fee is $10,000.00 each to perform these same services.

Come and experience what a web marketing conference should be.


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