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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Virtual! Free! Come on down!!!

I realize that this doesn't strictly follow my LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar criterion. It's so darn interesting though AND it IS a 'LIVE!' event in that it isn't ongoing (there are some of those out there too) because it lasts just a few days and you must participate during that time-frame - you just get to do it from home! So... I'm adding it to my site because EVERYONE may participate!

I'm tellin' you, this is what it's all about!

*100% Online and Virtual
*Free to Attend
*All the Benefits of a Top Tradeshow
*Includes 1st ever Virtual Job Fair
*More than 8,000+ Attendees,
*200 Exhibitors and 40 Presenters
*100+ Archived Presentations at eComXpo University
There are two ways to go here. FIRST...


October 9-11, 2007
access thru your computer, from anywhere in the world!


Enroll In
eComXpo University!

Enrolling in the eComXpo University gives you up to three month's access to 100+ on-demand presentations from industry experts.

Enjoy and learn from industry heavyweights like: Seth Godin, Shawn Collins, Declan Dunn, Paul Colligan and Chris Pirillo!

Just $49.95!

Click Here To Register Now!

More useful information...
"The 5th eComXpo will be held from October 9-11th, 2007. We are updating the show to include many new features including the introduction of an ecommerce Job Fair! Exhibitors will be able to post job offerings, accept applications and conduct interviews right from their booth! Attendees will be able to upload resumes, apply to jobs and attend interviews all without having to leave their home or office."

Let's ALL Go! and Let Me Know how it was for you!

Pam Hoffman


Daniel Lee said...

Hey Pam,
Just thought I'd swing by to say thank you for checking out my site and commenting! I'll definitely be back often to see what's new on your blog!
I must make sure I blog more often!
Next time I'm in the states I'll have to check out Laguna Niguel, sounds like a great place.

Daniel Larsson said...

Hello Pam,
thank you for your kind comments on my 'heroes' blog!

If you are a fan, check out my other tv-show blogs on 'House' and 'Prison Break' (There is a banner on the heroes blog that will take you there.)

Also, I will start an Grey's Anatomy blog and maybe an Entourage blog soon too!


Blogger Gabby said...

Hi Pam,

Thanks for your comments. Appreciate what you've started at blogcatalog.
Keep em coming!


Pam Hoffman said...

Hey folks!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you got a chance to sign up for eComXpo!

You know it's Free, right? It's going to be available to you via your computer! There is always something we can learn from other professionals eh?

Pam Hoffman

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