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Monday, September 24, 2007

Affiliate Incubator

Some of these folks show up over and over again in different places doing different things. Russel Brunson is one of these people. Here he is, doing a Seminar now!

Affiliate Incubator
October 18-20, 2007
Anaheim, CA

Hey, that's in my backyard almost! And it's pretty reasonable too! You can make it up with just a couple sales thru an affiliate program.

If I Go, I'll Let You Know!

Pam Hoffman


Nomadic Mary said...

Hi Pam,
as I promised the recipe is done and I have also another version. Try this and let me know.
Much more is coming, so keep checking

Pam Hoffman said...

Hi Mary!

Thanks for letting me know, I'll stop by and check it out!

Pam Hoffman

Nomadic Mary said...

Im glad. Let me know how it comes out. Im trying my inlaws dessert this evening will post soon Im sure you will like it.
By the way, I put a button fame me for a competition I entered stop by and fame me.

ps.better go and start preparing time is flying

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