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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Stop Talking and Take Action:
If Networking is the Bomb and WILL Grow Your Business,
Why Don’t You Attend More Seminars?

"I recently posted a question to Twitter World. I asked what percentage of your business do you feel is a direct result from the amount of networking that you participate in?

"The answers varied, but all but a single response said 90% or more of their business was a DIRECT result of networking. More specifically, face to face networking.

"And the people who responded aren’t people who are making $20 per month on a website - these are folks like us who are making a VERY comfortable living as an entrepreneur.

"You know Lee and I do A LOT of traveling to speaking engagements. Heck, we just returned from the Ross Goldberg event two days ago where we talked about our Hybrid Marketing strategies.

"As was expected this live event was a non-stop sharing of great marketing and online traffic strategy info. The tips shared this weekend alone would have made the trip worth while.

"But the real beauty of the event was with the other folks there.

"We had hordes of like minded people in one place at the same time.
This was a beautiful thing.

"There were people at this event that were at all stages of their business. And there were A LOT of folks there that have really achieved substantial business success.

"They run their own businesses on their terms.

"Isn’t that what you all tell us time and time again is EXACTLY what you want?

"And why were these uber successful entrepreneurs taking time out of their incredibly busy schedules to attend this event? The same reason we go to at least 1 event per month…

"Cause they know the truth. Networking is the key to their business.

"I know that your real desire is to achieve your financial dreams - so what do you think the fastest way to achieve your financial dreams is?

"Duh…see who is already doing it successfully and do that!

"Folks, 90% of the successful people out there want to see everyone around them reach their dreams and desired levels of achievement.

"This is the absolute truth.

"When any of us find someone who honestly will do what it takes to succeed, we want to help them along their path as much as possible.

"So, taking into account these facts:

"1 Networking results in over 90% of business for those folks who actually participate in networking
"2 Group gatherings, such as seminars and workshops, are great places to meet like minded uber successful people
"3 Most uber successful people love to see everyone around them achieve.

"Tell me again why you can’t attend live events?"

--Robin Collins from their blog


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