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Friday, August 15, 2008

Focus Marketing Seminars - Radical Event!

This is so cool. What a RADICAL concept!

I got an email late yesterday. Pat Lovell & Sean Roach announced that their Focus Marketing Seminars was SOLD OUT!

Ok, not that interesting.

They sent a SECOND email after that. They actually opened up their Seminar which is running today, Saturday & Sunday. And I mean, you go to the link they added, you put in your info (the usual) and they send you the link to see their WHOLE SEMINAR from the internet for, you guessed it...


Now, if you are on my list, you got that info right after I read that email late last night.

I'm hearing Sean Roach right now talk about his Got Access membership site. I probably missed the very first presenter and their opening sequence because I'm on the West Coast and they are broadcasting from Washington DC which is 3 hours ahead of us. I started hearing their broadcast around 8:15am here (11:15am there).

I can see the 'viewers' count and it's been climbing from 120 something to 140's right now. Whoa, it just about crested 150!

Periodically it does a 'Max Headroom' - where the flow stutters - it eventually catches back up so that you don't miss anything!

So, where do you go to get this?

Go sign up for my list! If I see that happening, I'll send out another message and you'll get that information.

If you already got that link from me and...

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


internet marketing said...

I really enjoy reading your posts,keep posting.

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey internet marketing!

Roger that!

I have hundreds of Internet Marketing Seminars in my database, ready to go!

You'll see them all here eventually.

Pam Hoffman

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