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Ever wonder why you didn't hear about an event until too late? We gather all the info for you so you don't miss out.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do You Twitter?

I've been on Twitter for awhile. I think I'm just 'getting it' finally.

I'm a good resource for Internet Marketing Seminars online. I love to do research and I've found almost 500 IM Seminars all over the world already.

Oh, they aren't all coming up. Only 150 or so will be coming.

And I'm always finding more.

Did you know that there are over 46 Internet Marketing Seminars in May 2008 alone? May is one of the worst months in which to produce a Seminar. Do these folks know that? I just learned about it myself.

These Seminars come to me by google alerts. People send me their info; 'hey how do i get on your list?' kind of emails are coming every month now.

I hear about them on Twitter and other people's blogs and in videos people mention 'hey, i was just at...' so I do some research and find out about a bunch more by the same organization for you.

Some of them are free and available from your computer connection - whereever you happen to be. Then, too, some cost in excess of $20,000 just to attend and you must TRAVEL to some location or other. The world is still a pretty big place when you travel for a Seminar.

I'm now a resource and I decided to help my followers on Twitter.

I'll mention the upcoming Seminars from the Go To Seminars! list periodically.

Of course, there are even more on the blog itself. Those are listed only a week or two in advanced though.

If you REALLY want to know about upcoming LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminars anywhere in the world (and in my database!) you want to sign up for the [IMSLS] email messages.

It's real easy.

Upper left.

Add your name.

And your email address.

Click on the button.

*I send you 'timed' messages, like the 'thanks for joining' and requesting your opinion, that sort of thing.

*I send you 'timely' messages where I list all of the Seminars I know about for the next month or two or three.

*I send you SPECIAL announcements too. You know, if JV Alert LIVE! prices are going up soon (which they are) you get a message IMMEDIATELY! from me so you can get the better deal and plan your life-long-learning into your time and business expenses.

I am a community resource on Twitter. I don't need to tell you about every little personal detail there. I find it a little weird when people do. Could be that introvert streak or maybe I just don't like to pry.

Oh, I think it's important that you know I'm a real person. You just don't want to know about how much I sweat, now do you? Oh, please say you don't wanna know that kind of stuff... hehe

UPDATE: got on a call with Michelle and Alejandro all about Twitter! Nice to get confirmation about what I'm talking about today...

Pam Hoffman


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