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Sunday, May 4, 2008

National Postcard Week: May 4th thru 10th

It's National Postcard Week!

The first full week in May every year is National Postcard Week (USA) and I like to celebrate.

If you collect postcards, you are a deltiologist.

After stamps and coins, collecting postcards is the 3rd biggest hobby collection in the world.

I LOVE postcards and I have a huge collection. I'm open to receiving them if you would like to send them just Let Me Know!

Happy Holidays! :)

Pam Hoffman


World internet summit said...

Hi Pam,

what a suprise that collecting postcards is the worlds third biggest hobby

Auto 1 said...

Hi Pam,

interesting statistic there

Loose weight Quick said...


i know a person who is passionate about collecting postcards as well
over 100,000 he has got

Nissan 4x4 said...


would be great way to capture memories

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