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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I Just Received Important Information From Armand Morin!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008


We made a mistake but before we tell you what happened, let me just say this...

People are excited!

In less than 24 hours our support desk is buzzing with questions from people regarding the Persuasion X seminar. It's shaping up to be a dynamite event.

With that in mind, we did make one major mistake with a detail we shared in last night's email.

The date for the Persuasion X seminar is actually June 12th-13th and NOT June 3-5th.

Please make that correction in all of your promotions. In the meantime, here is the email we sent last night just to refresh your memory.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

IMPORTANT: New Product

Monday, May 19th, 2008


Initially, we weren't going to send this.

However, a "situation" developed which is why we are writing.

Here's the back story...

For the last 7+ years, Armand has developed a bit of a reputation...

He has become famous for being able to sell a TON of products at seminars (and when you can do that, promoters want you on their stage).

Armand is asked to speak at various seminars all around the world virtually every week.

Over the last year he generated $4.1 million dollars just from speaking at seminars.

Here's something you probably didn't know...

Last year Armand dramatically cut back his speaking engagements to spend more time with his family and his new born baby.

That's when something interesting happened...

Although he cut back his speaking gigs, his sales soared.


Because he began analyzing his presentations and eventually figured out exactly what makes people buy.

Each time he spoke, the more he "dialed in"
the perfect sales presentation.

Here is the amazing part of this story...

Armand was able to generate the $4.1 million dollars from just 14 speaking engagements!

That's an average of $292,857 for each
presentation he gave.

Not bad considering each presentation is normally 90 minutes.

So how did he do it?

That's what so many people have asked and little by little, Armand has been quietly advising a few of his Platinum members about the subtle persuasion techniques he uses in his presentations.

Guess what happened?

When they applied what they learned, their sales began to climb as well!

Before he knew it, people were pulling him aside and quietly asking him to show them these powerful selling strategies.

So finally, after a lot of thought, he
decided to hold a small private gathering for high level marketers where he would share exactly what he knows about selling to a live audience.

However, here's what you need to know...

Armand Is Not Planning On Doing This Event Ever Again...

What began as a "private seminar" has now turned into a stampede as people are doing everything they can to attend this event.

The reason is simple, Armand has said that he's not likely to ever do this event again.

As soon as he said that, one of our Generator Software affiliates asked Armand privately if he could promote the Persuasion X event.

He personally knew a number of people who would want to go but wanted to also receive some commissions for telling them about it.

This is where the chaos began...

One affiliate asked, then another and before we knew it, the word had spread between various people and there were all kinds of support tickets all asking the same thing...

Can I please promote this event?

Although Armand was reluctant at first
(because it was meant to be a small
gathering) he knew it wouldn't be fair to allow one affiliate to promote and not another.

So it's official... you CAN now promote the Persuasion X seminar and here is your link:


Please Be Warned...

This is not just "any seminar".

It is a VERY pricey event for high level marketers.

Armand doesn't want just "anyone" getting a hold of these techniques.

The price is $5,000 and there are already a whole bunch of people registered and this event hasn't even been launched!

That's a GREAT sign for you as one of our affiliates because it shows that there is a lot of interest.

The event is taking place in Las Vegas on June 12th-13th, 2008 so it's important to promote this event asap if you want to collect these $2,500 commissions.

All you need to do is send people your
affiliate link:


Speak to you soon.

Affiliate Team
Generator Software


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks for the comment on my site. Just getting started and can use the kind words. :0)
By the way, I went to see Armand in LA at IME and again at Big Seminar in Atlanta. I was not disappointed. This guy gives you your money's worth every time and you don't leave without learning more than you came for. Wish I had more hours in the day to absorb it all.
Thanks again.

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey Carol!

Thanks for stopping by!

I really appreciate your efforts.

I'll stop by your site periodically and I'll keep up with what your are doing and where you are going.

It's wonderful to see other great women doing this.

Until next time,

Pam Hoffman

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