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Thursday, May 15, 2008

System Seminar Q & As

Here are some quick Q & A's I got from Ken's office about the event, and about opportunities in Internet marketing in general...

Question #1: What is the System Seminar?

Answer: It's the longest running gathering of serious Internet marketers on earth and dates back to the very first Internet marketing conference organized and sponsored by Ken McCarthy.

Question #2: What will I learn at the System?

Answer: From the very beginning, the System trainings have always focused on the things that really matter for success in Internet marketing and have steered clear of hype-driven fads.

In many ways, Internet marketing is a very simple business.

It's simple because it's transparent.

By "transparent," I mean you can always know where you are with your business at any given time. This can give you a tremendous advantage when it comes to building your business - if you know how to take advantage of it.

And that's one of the most important things The System Seminar does: It teaches people to leverage all the potential of Internet marketing.

Question #3: Can you be more specific about what exactly is taught at the System Seminar?

Answer: Yes. To keep with the theme of keeping it simple, everything is broken down into one of two things: traffic and conversion.

Traffic, very simply, is all the ways to get people to come to your web site and see your offers.

Conversion is all the things you do once people are at your site to get them to take action. That action might be opting into your list, requesting a free report, or placing an order.

These two things are the key to the business and one of the reasons System grads are so successful. Not only does the System provide them with the best tools and tactics in these areas, the focus is always kept where it belongs: on traffic and conversion.

If you are spending 80% + of your time on getting more traffic and improving
your conversion, you have an excellent chance of achieving success, even spectacular success.

On the other hand, if you spend your time chasing fads, or learning and accumulating theory, you won't make any progress at all, which unfortunately is what happens to many would be Internet marketers who don't make the connection with a training like the System.

Ken McCarthy has been selling things online since 1993. Along the way, he's met thousands of fellow practitioners.

He's helped innovate a lot of the sales and marketing methods that are now commonplace online and he's seen hundreds of System students go from zero to making serious accomplishments in the Internet marketing world.

If you are serious about Internet marketing, attending the next System Seminar is the single most important thing you will ever do for yourself, this year or any year.

If you're ready to register now you can do that here:


... I wanted to be sure you know that it's coming up at the end of May, is filling up fast, and that you need to act now if you want in.

This is the only Seminar that caters to your specific needs, and teaches you what you need to know to succeed online. It's the one Internet marketing experts attend to learn the latest strategies and techniques. It's the one people come back to year after year.


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