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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Use Seminars To Network Your Business

Reprinted here with permission...

There are many opportunities to network when you are engaged in business, but one of the best places to expand your list of contacts and potential customers is where like-minded people gather. A seminar brings together groups of people who are generally all there for a similar purpose. Knowing how to leverage this opportunity can give your business a boost.

I just came back from an Internet Marketing seminar - The Warrior Seminar in Austin Texas. I went there not only to learn from some of the top players in the Internet marketing field, but also to make business contacts to expand my business.

I was very pleased by the information I received at the seminar — all of it was relevant to anyone looking to further their career as an Internet Marketer (IM). There were speakers there that I had heard about but never had the pleasure meeting face to face or hearing them speak live.

While I enjoyed the teaching and learning aspect of the seminar, I made use of the many opportunities to network and make new friends and business contacts with other attendees. This particular event has also set up a networking event after the Saturday presentations were completed. Anticipating that I would be meeting people of influence and potential customers, I made sure I had my “20 second” down pat and I brought along marketing materials with me to hand out.

How many times have you gone to a seminar and wasn’t adequately prepared to do a little business? If you are in business for yourself you should be in business 24/7. Some people will disagree with me on this, but you never know when one business contact handled properly can result in a small fortune for you. Being prepared makes all the difference.

Here are couple of pointers to be ready when networking opportunities arise:

(1) Make sure you have your “20 second” so well memorized and practiced that it rolls right off your tongue.

(2) Practice your “20 second” in front of the mirror. Also ask someone you trust to critque your delivery, your posture, your smile, etc.

(3) Make sure you have business cards to give out and make sure you don’t have to dig for them in your wallet or purse. While fumbling around for your card, your potential contact make become distracted and wind up talking to someone else who has approached him/her.

(4) Bring along some marketing materials to hand out to people who take an interest in your products or business. A brochure, a one to two page handout, a foldout, etc. Nothing too big or too cumbersome. You want it easy for someone to be able to put it in their notepad, purse, planner, briefcase, laptop bag, you get the idea.

(5) I saved the best for last. Be a good listener first. Make sure you take an interest in your contact’s business and ask for their business card. They will appreciate the opportunity to “pitch” you. If you are just a “pitching” machine to everyone, you will not develop the good vibes that are needed to launch a new relationship. Business is built upon relationships and trust.

I made some wonderful contacts and actually made a couple of deals with some of the speakers (the people of influence) to help me promote my product. I also came out of the seminar with orders from attendees.

The most important thing I was able to accomplish at the seminar, was that I met some wonderful people and learned about their businesses and products. Now I can refer them when the opportunity arises because I have gotten to know them and I can trust that their work will be reflective of their personailty. And I am sure they will also refer me as well.

To living your dreams,

Chuck Yockey


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