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Ever wonder why you didn't hear about an event until too late? We gather all the info for you so you don't miss out.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary IMSLS!

One Year Ago Today...

...I was on a Metawebs call with Nathan Anderson and he was talking about Internet Marketing Seminars he was speaking at and people were asking how to find out about them.

It got around to Nathan mentioning that it would be great to find a site with all of them gathered in one place.

Well, I'm usually good for 'analysis paralysis' yet when I heard what Nathan was talking about, I thought 'I can do that' and so I did.

I knew very little about internet marketing last year, let alone blogging. I knew I had to ACT and act fast! or get stuck yet again.

I started a blogger blog and now you have IMSLS: Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service

It started out as a vehicle for driving traffic to some of my other sites. Since then it has taken on a life of it's own.

I post every Internet Marketing Seminar in the world that I learn about thru my research, emails from subscribers, comments left by visitors and google alerts I set up to find these events.

I'm so glad you have been here for any part of this journey. I hope I can help you expand your horizons in some small or even grand way.

If there is anything you are interested in regarding Internet Marketing Seminars, Do Let Me Know! I'll do my very best to find out what I can for you.

Happy Anniversary IMSLS blog,

Pam Hoffman


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