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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut..."

"...Sometimes You Don't"

Well, right now I DEFINITELY feel like a nut!

In a virtual 'conversation' with Ken McArthur yesterday, he pointed out that HE does JV Alert and Ken McCarthy does The System Seminar...

Ken also mentioned that he produces "Get Your Product Done Events" which I don't remember tracking, so now I surely will. That conversation was beneficial in several ways!

You can see my confusion I hope. Ken McArthur, Ken McCarthy...

I think I've gotten these two mixed up from the beginning. The links are still good and go to the correct Seminar.

My apologies - to you, to the gentlemen in question and to my blog.

Ken McArthur HAS been very good to me though I don't think I've had any real contact with Ken McCarthy. I suppose I thought it was all Ken McArthur the whole time.

So, now you know, I'm only human and, hopefully, forgivable. My mistake can be your lesson.

I work hard at being as thorough and methodical for you and as error-free as possible yet sometimes things just happen, and I fubar.

Perhaps it was an April Fool's on me this whole time and I only just noticed! ;)

Your 'Sometimes Nut,'

Pam Hoffman


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