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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Armand Morin suggests

From: BigSeminar
Re: The Secret Of Marketing...Here's What Top Marketers Do...

How Do Top Marketers Make Millions Every Year?

What secret do they have? What do they know that You don't know? Are they smarter than You?

Probably not.

I am one of these Top Marketers and I work and socialize with them on a regular basis...believe me...most of them are NOT smarter than the average person.

So what set them apart and enables them to make such phenomenal incomes?

Granted, there are several things (different for each
person) that set them apart. BUT...

They have one common element...

They ALL believe in continuing education!

In this rapidly changing world and especially in the field of Internet Marketing (where things change at a breath taking pace) continuing education is critical to success.
Heck...it's critical to survival.

Doctors, lawyers, electricians, realtors, farmers etc...
ALL are REQUIRED to take continuing education in some portion, if not all, of their business.

Why? Because the Government REQUIRES it.

Why should Internet Marketers think they are different?
In fact, it's even MORE critical in their field because it changes even MORE rapidly than these other careers.

Unfortunately, it's not required

It's up to YOU to take the required actions to keep in front of the information tsunami. If You don't...Your business will die.

Register Here NOW...

Remember...the long term successful college graduate doesn't stop their education when they graduate...in fact, many consider "Graduation as the beginning point for their education!

Best of Success,

BigSeminar Operations


Stine said...

Thank you for your very kind words of warning on Brat & the 'Net. I'm not letting my guard down...

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