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Friday, December 7, 2007

The Week Ahead: December 9th Thru 15th

The Week Ahead...


If you are considering producing an Internet Marketing Seminar, this might be a good week to look at.

Time will tell as I find these Seminars and get them more and more organized. That reminds me, I have some other projects to work on for you. This might be a good time to do a little more on them.

I think there is still at least ONE Internet Marketing Seminar on the list for this year.

I'll be starting up the January Seminars soon and I see that there are some interesting things going on out there for 2008...

BTW, I'm ALWAYS open to input. If you know of a LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar going on anywhere in the world or if you are PRODUCING a LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar, do let me know.

I'm open to interviews as well.

I'm thinking about something else too. If you are producing an Internet Marketing Seminar somewhere in the world, I'd like to talk with you about that. I'm wondering about your motivation primarily.

I once helped run a whole bunch of Seminars including National Space Society's 14th International Space Development Conference and I gotta tell you, they are a lot of work!

How are Internet Marketing Seminars different? Can you really make a profit? Do the hotels still work the way they did for us?

I can see that being of possible benefit to some of you.

What do you think? Would you like to hear what it's like from THAT side of things? Would it help with your Internet Marketing work online?

Drop by and leave me a note, I'm ready and willing to hear what YOU have to say about all this.

Until next time,

Pam Hoffman


ArahMan7 said...

Hi Pam. You must be one busy lady with this Internet Marketing Seminar.

Wish you all the best.

Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey arahman!

I LOVE it! I've found over 100 LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminars in the whole world over the next 12 months.

There are a bunch in your area too, did you know that?

I've got them in my database, ready to roll out as soon as they come around!

Enjoy your visit,

Pam Hoffman

ArahMan7 said...

Really? Frankly I'm not that hot about IM seminar over here. Too expensive and a friend who attended to such seminar told me that all they taught (sales pitch) is about how hot their product is - is as in one product only!

Anyway, I enjoy your visit and comments too. I've added you in my Entrecard member's link who read and leave comments on my blog.

Thank you. Do come back again... and again ;-)

Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey arahman!

Thanks for writing back. Yeah, some of these can be 'pitch-fests' tho I still think there is benefit in going.

You never know who you might meet for one thing.

I wrote a post about Carlos & Lupe. They were quietly going to Seminars of various sorts. It was discovered that they were earning $5M a month. *That post should be easy to find - see the link with their names.

Now THEY are doing seminars and speaking at them too.

I think it is worth going to something, in any case.

You might like the eComXpo coming next year. That one is from your computer and free of charge!

I'm learning that there are many possibilities out there and more coming all the time.

Do keep an open mind and find out for YOURSELF if these are going to be of any value to YOU!

Pam Hoffman

*OOPS, I just checked and I don't have that marked. I'll go and fix that ASAP!

Pam Hoffman said...

I marked the one Ifound AND I added the link for it here for you...


There ya go,

Pam Hoffman

p.s. thanks for adding me to your list!

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