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Ever wonder why you didn't hear about an event until too late? We gather all the info for you so you don't miss out.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Novel Holiday Idea

Looking for a holiday gift that will really blow someone away? What about a Seminar?

Start 2008 right for you or someone you love. Sign up for an Internet Marketing Seminar!

Some of them offer you a deal - buy one, get one free! You AND a friend could go to some of these.

Others, like eComXpo, are offered at no charge. Then there are the ones offered at very low cost and move around so you might find them within driving distance. eBay LIVE! works that way.

Just look at the ones listed on the right under "Go To Seminars" - there's something for everyone on your list!

I think January is going to get off to a good start too! There are several things which you might be interested in. Some of these are first time Seminars so you can get the producers fresh.

January brings the first Product Development Lab, some of whom I met at Affiliate Incubator. SES has offerings right off the bat. Eben Pagan may do another Altitude in January.

I've got 10 different Internet Marketing Seminars in my database lined up for January. Some I just found and some I need to verify.

I'll be listing them very soon so that you can prepare for January.

And if you need a really awesome gift for someone this year, visit the listed Seminars.

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


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