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Sunday, December 9, 2007

I Read Your Blog Too!


You'd think that the end of the year would be a good time to slow down the Internet Marketing gig and spend time with family and friends.

Not the IM'ers I've been watching.

Even though the BlogRush widget is everywhere, I'm still getting people signed up thru my blog! I'm seeing some DARN GOOD titles on the widget too!!!

AND I'm reading them! The posts are outstanding. There are a bunch of really great bloggers out there. I'm stunned.

There is one thing I'm wondering - how in the heck do I get back to these blogs again later? If the content is good, I wanna go back!

Oh, yeah, I could 'bookmark' it. That is only good for awhile. For me anyway. I just stop looking at them and I don't actually remember why I went there from that either.

Oh, I could set up a record in my OutLook (which i do quite frequently) yet, there are just some blogs that don't get that kind of attention from me yet.

How about something on BlogRush itself?

Hey John! What about it?

Then, there's this new EntreCard (EC for short) thing. Have you seen it yet? I think you might like it.

It's a bit confusing at first. I finally figured it out and now, it's pretty much my latest addiction. Thanks Patrice for turning me onto it! I really like it and I'm letting other people know about it too.

Yeah, there's good chance I Read Your Blog Too! with all this going on. I keep visiting them. I keep reading them. Some are really funny. Do some digging, I think you'll find something you like too.

Me, I'm gearing up this month too. I spent most of November in Ohio which slowed me down a little. Hey, I was helping my mom!

I'll work in holiday stuff a little later on this month. I'm not as busy as I remember in year's past so Stay Tuned! I'm setting up the next Seminars for you and it's looking better and better!


Pam Hoffman


Book Calendar said...

I sure do. I make it a point to visit most of the blogs which come visit my site.

Blogs are about interacting with other readers. It is kind of like choose your own adventure, but it is almost limitless

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Pam, I can't stand Blogrush any more. Entrecard blows it away but Entrecard is a little out of kilter with ad queues filling up and sites costing an arm and a leg to advertise on. I'm sure it will be gamed soon enough and then we'll just see how things go from there.

I just wrote 10 ways to squeeze the most out of your effort from it. You can find them here:

10 Ways to Squeeze the Most out of Entrecard for Your Greater Advantage

Great blog you got here... came over via Entrecard. ;-)


Pam Hoffman said...

Hi book calendar!

Thanks for stopping by.

Ah, the adventure, I'm all for that!

I'll stop back again soon,

Pam Hoffman

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey sam!

Blogrush isn't working as well as I liked - I'll keep at it a little longer for the moment.

I'm very pleased with EC too! I hope it is sustainable. That would be cool.

I read a little of your '10 ways' and I'll be sure to go back and finish - very interesting stuff, not the normal, which I appreciate!

Glad you like the blog! I have a lot more in mind - I just gotta figure it all out!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. i read your message on the EC site too - i'll consider everything you wrote.

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