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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Coveted Entrecard Ad!


Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service by Pam Hoffman landed a spot on the coveted johnchow.com site!

How? you ask?

I watched, ever so closely, the John Chow ad on Entrecard for a few days, back when the site was 'new' (ok, it was about a week and a half ago!). I clicked and clicked and clicked so I would have enough credits and...

I struck, when the time was right - John had an opening and I had the required credits.

This is my first ad thru Entrecard - I have two more running on 12/22 and I realized that I'm getting pretty close to the holidays and that I probably should just bank credits for awhile until the new year comes around.

My buddy Kevin Davis will be one of my hosts on Saturday.

Now, the Friday before Christmas could be a good day to run my ad on johnchow.com or it could be a rotten day to run my ad on johnchow.com.

What do you think?

Will people take the day off, chill at home in front of their computers? or will they go out and mingle, party and generally get ready for the holidays? For me, and my ad on the coveted site, time will tell.

I got a 'screen shot' of my ad on johnchow.com. Does anyone remember them? I'm wondering if I can get it on here for you...

Well, it wasn't working with a 'paste' (aka ctrl+v) so I'll have to go and learn how to do that for you. If there is any way I can get that, I'll add it in here...

And I'll...

Let You Know

... how it goes with visits.

Entrecard has already increased my average daily visits by about 33% according to google analytics. That's pretty darn impressive! I wonder if google will buy them out down the road. That's sheer speculation on my part!

Later today, "The Week Ahead" and the LAST Seminar of the year!

Pam Hoffman


Debo Hobo said...

Here's to your success! :)

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey debo!


I checked around noon (my time) which was about 1/2 way thru my ad run and there were 33 clicks, according to EC.

Pam Hoffman

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