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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Are you new to the Internet?

I realize that you may be new to the internet & internet marketing.

As you look around, the choices can be daunting. That's part of why I started this Seminarlist. I think it's important to 'check it out' in a lot of cases.

You might want to make it hard to give Seminar speakers your money though. If you have to walk a mile to the bank to get what you need, it could help you sort out your thoughts about the purchase. By all means go with it if you are absolutely certain about it!

I gotta tell you, I'm still pretty green on the interent myself. I've been able to sift through some of the stuff (and found some other ways to figure things out - i'll post about that a little later on) and figured out some of the people to pay attention to.

Really, we will ALL be new to SOMETHING at some point in this line of work so you are in VERY GOOD company!

Just jump in - anywhere you can see a good place to jump. You can sort it all out later.

A few key points to remember though.

Start small.

Start small - in every way if you must. Perhaps you are very busy. I was a single mom for 20 years; been there, done that! I know what it's like to fall into bed at midnight and simply pass out - night, after night, after night!

Start small in your investments. SO MUCH is low cost or free in this biz. There are a lot of good sales pitches out there. I've heard some of the best no doubt. I've spent the last 4 years going to many seminars and classes. An investment in yourself like that will ALWAYS pay off!

I think I would have been a little better off spending more time working some of the things I was learning instead of stuffing more and more and more into my head. I am much better at absorbing a lot more information now than I was at the beginning though.

I might have gotten further, had I learned a little, praticed a little (like they say in the aerospace industry: build a little, test a little...) I think. No way of knowing.

One advantage to going to so many seminars flat out, you keep building up positive messages for yourself. A lot of this is MINDSET.

It can be a little lonely sitting at the computer day and night week in and week out. Oh, I enjoy that kind of quiet. Going to a party after a lot of that seems a bit more fun, that's for sure! A Seminar can do more than just break up the week for you though.

Do be consistent.

Set up a weekly time that is strictly for spending on your internet marketing business. Daily would be better if you can manage it. Even if you read something about this biz every day, you will eventually get somewhere. I carry around ebooks and regular books pertinent to the topic all the time. I never know when I'm going to get a chance to learn something new.

The beauty of jumping into the web, even now, is that you can pretty swiftly get to where the 'big dogs' are. In fact, I'm beginning to think that you are in an enviable position.

You don't 'remember' the good old days (ok, they were last year in IM terms) and you DON'T HAVE any preconceived ideas about how things work. You just know what you learn now.

The lesson here too is that you must continually seek change. I don't want to know what some 'guru' knew how to do last week or last month.

Any time I encounter something new online, I'm continually saying to myself '...well, that's nice, what will the NEXT big thing be?' And I proceed to ponder what might happen - or what I can make happen online. That's the beauty of online. A LOT is possible now with the technology and the services and the very low prices!

If you are someone who thrives on change, this could be the business for you! I've done some soul-searching and I realized that I AM someone who thrives on change. If you are upset by change, this might be either a good place to start learning to accept change ('cause the world isn't likely to stop for you) or you may want to keep looking for the right market for you, which would be something else.

I believe they are out there. You see many, many products are still being made like they were at the beginning. Some candies in particular I can think of. And that's cool. People DON'T LIKE change and these companies are responding to their market. Every McDonald's restaurant will serve the cheeseburger the very same way - no matter where you are in the world!

Does that offer you the real opportunities though?

If Carlos & Lupe didn't seek new traffic sources, I doubt they would have found $5M a month in their business.

It all depends on what you are interested and willing to do I expect.

I am impressed by this site so far: Kevin Rohan's desktopbucks Sign up is free, currently. They offer various ways to learn Internet Marketing from the very basics, and it seems to get continually updated. I just found it so I'll have more to talk about in the future.

I expect that the seminars put on by Derek Gehl are worthwhile.

And, come back often, I'll be posting all of the LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar events anywhere in the world. I keep finding them and I have a list out thru part of 2008. A good seminar can change your life.

Thanks for reading!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. sometimes i find out about deals, special offers, etc. for these live events. be the first to know, visit often!


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