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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mark Hendrick's Free Internet Marketing Conference

Now this is interesting...

This guy is holding the fourth one of these and the most fascinating thing I've seen so far the topics...

What topics will be discussed?
The topics for discussion at the conference are completely controlled by the questions attendees send in to me ahead of time, and also by the direction we take during my answering questions and the discussions that result. It always seems each question answered brings up a new question, or a deeper level of clarification needs to be explored.
...from their site

If you are anywhere near this, I think you should go!

Mark Hendrick's Free Internet Marketing Conference
August, 18-19, 2007
Atlanta, GA

Something you should know - while this Seminar is free, they ask for a deposit to show that you are serious - if you show up, you get your deposit back!

This is just so that you don't take a seat that someone else could have had. Seems reasonable to me!

If You Go, Let Us Know!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. seating is limited to 80!


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