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Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Just In!

Affiliate Summit just offered Complimentary Passes for the Exhibit Hall!

That's brilliant. Well, they went part way.

Think about it. You have an interesting offer. You pay a boat load for a booth at a trade show/seminar/conference/workshop - whatever. Sure, you get 'a school of hungry fish' walking by - as long as they are the fish in the fish tank. Nobody else allowed. Where exactly does that come from?

When I was running 'Space Development Conferences' (about '85-'95) we were ALWAYS very clear on this - that the 'Dealer's Room' (that's what we called it) was open to the public.

Anyone visiting the Hotel we had our conference in was welcome to peruse the booths. This was a way to add value to our dealers who were stuck in the Dealer's Room all weekend.

Oh, we rarely got other people in there, we were careful to make it available though and we (the staff) personally encouraged folks to enter, made them feel welcome. We were on a mission - so many people are intersted in the exploration of space. If that was a way to our group, so be it. We were space advocates, NO Evangelists sometimes!

So, Good For You Affiliate Summit! Next time, you might go all the way. Your exhibitors will thank you for it. Just one person/company visiting an exhibitor can make a difference and you never know where/how that person will find you.

If you're stuck at a booth, ask for the whole ocean! Seminar attendees aren't the only customers - you are too.

Affiliate Summit
September 28, 2007
London, England
Olympia Conference Centre

Oh, Complimentary Passes are limited to 500, go get 'em!

If You Go, Let Us Know,

Pam Hoffman


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