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Friday, July 20, 2007

Women's Business Empowerment Summit

I am LOVIN' this trend. Sometimes, it seems like this is a strictly male business. NOT SO!

Women's Business Empowerment Summit
Lynn Pierce
July 27-29, 2007
Scottsdale, AZ

Only 120 seats are available!

From their site:

As a woman in today's hypercompetitive worldwide marketplace, are you aware...
Women own nearly 10.4 million firms employing 12.8 million people and generating $1.9 trillion in sales
According to a Wells Fargo/NFIB study 61% of businesses never make a profit
SBA statistics show that 1/3 of new business don't make it past the first two years and 56 percent are out of business within 4 years
At the same time, according to The Center for Women's Business Research:
9 out of 10 women business owners want to expand their businesses
In the last 2 decades women owned business have grown at double the rate of all firms.
And not surprisingly...
81% of women owners of firms with $1 million or more in revenue belong to formal business organizations, associations or networks.
In addition to networking with like minded women, what do you think is one of the biggest differences between those $1,000,000+ businesses and those that fail? Or better said, do you think these entrepreneurs had a proven step-by-step plan for creating a successful business?

If you go, Let us know!

Pam Hoffman


World internet summit said...

wow some interesting statistics there

Auto 1 said...


you would think for sure these woman
would have a step by step buisness plan

Loose weight Quick said...


all entrepreneurs thrive on a plan for work & then work the plan

Nissan 4x4 said...


that is an inspiring growth rate..

Internet Marketing Tutorials said...

Women are generally better at multi-tasking than men and (again, generally) they are better natural networkers.

Both of these give them a big advantage over men in business so there are many areas of business where they dominate their male counterparts.

Automotive Recruitment said...

It may be a generalization but women are also renowned for having greater empathy than men.

Modern business coaching and training emphasizes the importance of understanding the other person's point of view (colleague, boss, customer) and empathy allows women to do that naturally.

Make Websites said...

A famous Australian businessperson once said "Big business is just small business with extra 000's on the end!"

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