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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Ultimate Business Seminar

If you are interested in Internet Marketing, certainly you are interested in doing business. You are just interested in this new media online.

That's why I add in these 'Associated' Seminars. Learning Internet Marketing is a good start. Learning about business too will keep you in business!

The Ultimate Business Seminar
July 11-13, 2008
Los Angeles

Your Host: Chris Howard

Chris gives you the option of attending one of the days for free - you get to pick. If you want to attend 2 or all 3, there is a charge for the extra days. You get one of them at no cost.

A taste of what they are offering at this Seminar:

How much easier would it be if you had mentors, who had navigated the path of wealth creation so you could fast track your success and avoid costly mistakes, yet capitalize on winning strategies? What would be possible for you? How much faster could you build wealth and attain financial freedom?

Imagine waking up every day with the knowledge to multiply your income and profits whenever you chose and hearing those around you commenting how quickly YOU seize financial opportunities that nobody else even notices.

Imagine if you could walk into any market... in any field... in any part of the world and you possessed the wealth secrets of the rich and successful that afforded you the luxuries and lifestyle you've always wanted.

How does that sound?

How DOES that sound? Upon reading further, Chris goes into the story of starting out. It isn't pretty. He figured it out though!

What does it take for me & You? Chris says, "There really is a secret formula for creating real wealth... Anyone can do it. All it takes is some focused time, help from someone who has done it and a willingness to never to give up."

Can you do that?

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


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