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Sunday, July 13, 2008

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This is a special announcement. Please read every word. Here's why...
One thing the attendees of World Internet Summit always want to know how to get is:
Let's face it, if you had more traffic, you'd have more sales, right? Simple as that.
Well, for the first time ever on stage, they are allowing an 'under the radar' secret weapon to teach you how it's done.
That's right, not even the "internet gurus" know who he is.
And he is literally going to wipe the floor with anything you currently know about search engine optimisation (SEO). Even better, he knows how to make it simple.
To discover who this man is (and why you'll want to become his best friend), do this now:
STEP 1: Go here right now

World Internet Summit

STEP 2) Scroll half way down the page to the photo of PAUL EASTON

STEP 3) Then if you're even smarter, block out July 17-20, 2008 and do whatever you can to be in Auckland for this event.

Why not right?

FOR A LIMITED TIME it's only $197 to attend!
Why so low cost for such a huge event over 4 days? Simple - this price is an early bird price only. And secondly, the event has a sponsor. Which takes the pressure off of having to charge you the full $997 ticket price.

But this deal won't last. Tickets are selling fast for this first-time event in New Zealand.

So check out Paul right now and then secure your seat to what is going to be an incredible 4 days with the world's best internet experts:

World Internet Summit
And discover the inside edge to search engine optimisation.

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Linda Morton said...


I found you as I was browsing the Internet marketing in entrecard. You've got a good ranking. Congratulations.

Linda P. Morton

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey Linda!

Thanks for stopping by.

Let Me Know if there is anything I can do to help you with your endeavors. IMSLS is here for you!

Pam Hoffman

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