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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Your Third Affiliate Incubator Interview

Here's a third 'take' on Affiliate Incubator from another attendee I met there.

Terry Hudson takes a totally relaxed attitude to all of this - it's no wonder being from St. Thomas as he is! :)

Here's what he has to say...

I asked: How did you find out about Affiliate Incubator?

Terry said: That's a great question, Pam. I live in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Coincidentally, I've been feeling a little isolated as I think I'm the only one doing any Internet Marketing here. I've tried to talk to my friends and whenever I explain what I'm doing, I always get this really puzzled look and then they change the subject.

So when Jim Morris of Niche Bot fame announced his contest I wrote in saying pretty much what I explained above... that no one here understood what I was talking about and that I felt isolated and would like a chance to meet some cool people who had the same interest. I was one of the three chosen to receive a ticket courtesy of Jim.

PH: What did you get out of going to Affiliate Incubator?

TH: Pam, the presenters were all awesome and had their own slant on Affiliate Marketing but, there was one common thread. That was... you have to treat this like a real business, and they all echoed one another when they said you "have to be prepared to fail." Another one of my notes from Russell Brunson says... "failing makes it easier to go to the next step" I guess I'm doing something right then because I've had 3 hard disc failures in the last 18 months and have managed to put my websites and business back on track each time. It's the power here; it continually spikes or cuts off when you least expect it. I guess with each setback, you're actually one step closer to making it (even though you may not realize it.)

PH: What are the main things you might tell someone considering going to an Internet Marketing Seminar to convince them that they should go?

TH: Another good question Pam. I've read numerous times that if you don't get anything else out of an Internet Marketing seminar, the one thing you can take home with you are new friends and potential JV partners. After attending the Affiliate Incubator seminar, I can say that meeting people like you, and all the others sitting around our little group, has to be the highlight of this seminar. Don't get me wrong, I filled my workbook with notes from each speaker and have already implemented a few of the "top dawgs" suggestions. But, in the long run, the relationships I've formed are the first thing on my list of things I took home from this seminar.

PH: Did you learn what you needed from Affiliate Incubator to make it worth your while?

TH: Yes I did! I have pages and pages of notes from all the speakers. Everyone was interesting and had some very good content to pass on.

Also, as I've mentioned, I'm kind of isolated. I've sent my share of emails to well known gurus, but have almost never received a reply. There were several important attendees and speakers that I met, that I believe I could at least get some kind of personal response from now that I've put a face with a name, so to speak.

PH: Is there anything else you'd like to say about your experience at Affiliate Incubator?

TH: I would like to encourage anyone who is serious about building an internet businees to invest your time and money to attend at least one seminar. The information and most importantly, the relationships, are worth every dollar I spent attending the Affiliate Incubator Seminar.

PH: Tell me a little bit about what you are doing and be sure to include the website of your choice.

TH: Thanks for the opportunity to explain what my business is about. First of all, I have to admit that I've been doing just the opposite of what the Affiliate Incubator speakers were trying to get across. I've been going 'willy nilly' all over the place. I have clearly defined goals and a vision of what I want to achieve, but I'm coming to the realization that you can't be all things to everyone.

OK. With that said, what I've been trying to do is build a core company with niche websites on many different unrelated topics. Because of my interest in boats and the fact that I have a boat detailing business here in the Virgin Islands, I started http://www.boatdetailing.info/ to retail my product line and services. I do ok with that site and it's been online for about 36 months. Then one day, I read something about "get rich on the internet." Build Google adsense sites and the "money will come like crazy" or some such headline; and so I did. I have about 20 Adsense sites and they all make a dollar or two a day, except www.fivedaytrips.com which does $3.00 to a high of $14.00 a day. Ok, not too bad for a beginner, but where is the money? So the next thing was building sites with the intent of flipping them for $300 or so after holding onto them for a month to three months. I built some of these, but never sold one though. Tried, but I guess I didn't do it right or something(:>) So then, I decided I would get rich by having one site where I would teach newbies how to earn money online, www.terryhudson.net. I had it chocked full of affiliate ebooks, reports, free articles and you name it. Even have 30 to 50 uniques visitors each day but you know what? No money!!!

So that brings me up to date. I attended the Affiliate Incubator and learned this one key thing from Ewen Chia...

'Practice the power of one.' In other words, focus on one thing and one thing only and, when you get really good at it then... add something else. So, my big vision and dream to build a web business that I can flip one of these days is still a reality. The thing I'm concentrating on is taking it one step at a time and building value with each decision I make. Then my friends on St. Thomas will say something like this in five or six years... "you know Terry Hudson? He just sold his Internet businees for 5 mil... what an overnight success he was. Terry is one of the luckiest people I know." Ha Ha Ha... an overnight success! Everyone reading this knows how much work it takes, don't you?

PH: Do you know of any other Internet Marketing Seminars coming up that I should post to my blog?

TH: Pam, I'm counting on you to keep me informed.

Then Stay Tuned Terry! I have over 100 Internet Marketing Seminars the world over spanning the next 12 months and I'm always looking for more.

Copyright 2007 Pam Hoffman & Terry Hudson

If you ever hear of any, drop me a line and I'll be sure to list it - if I don't already have it in my database, I'll be sure to give you credit and a link to a site of your chosing. That goes for anyone who reads my blog!

Thanks so much Terry, sounds like an adventure out there, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes for you!

Pam Hoffman


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