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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Affiliate Incubator Interview: Pam Hoffman

I recently realized that I never mentioned to you MY experience at Affiliate Incubator.

Find here my own 'interview' from Affiliate Incubator - my very first LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar.

How did you find out about Affiliate Incubator?

PH: In my research for all LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminars in the world, I run across many interesting Seminars. I kept wanting to go to them. It turns out that there were a couple in the area that particular weekend and I was in a position to go to one. I had to pick only ONE!

I put a lot of thought into which one would serve me better - they were both about the same in $$$ amount (with the earlybird special on the other one). Oh, I expect I would have learned a lot from the other one as well. I had to pick though.

I think I picked Affiliate Incubator since I'm still quite new to all of this. I've heard that most internet marketers start online promoting affiliate programs versus offering their own products. That is certainly true for me. I started working internet marketing in earnest in February 2007. I don't have any products yet. I'm promoting other people's stuff at the moment.

The thing that also appealed to me about AI (Affiliate Incubator) was that they were planning on addressing the affiliate and the affiliate manager. You know at some point, you want to become the one with the product and get the efforts of others to help you sell it.

That is what got me I think.

What did you get out of going to Affiliate Incubator?

PH: I made a large number of contacts, well, large for me anyway. Of all of the Seminars I've been to, this one seemed the most comfortable or the best 'fit' or something. I sure talked a lot more than I'm used to!

I heard a lot of the same things I've been reading about and got a few nuggets of info that were new to me.

When you decide to make online marketing your 'thing' initially, there can be an overwhelming amount of information. One of the first things Russell and Stu did was to organize the first '24 hours' for an affiliate.

This sorting out and organizing were invaluable for me. It gives me a path or a check list for any project. Oh, it may not work out for me personally in the long run. It's sure a good starting point though. When you are asking yourself who to listen to and who to believe, this helps sort things out.

The individual presenters were very informative. I find that, even when I've heard something from someone, hearing it again can be a very different experience. I'm different for one thing. I may have acted upon some of the things - which puts me in a different place to hear their message a little better or something.

It seems like each of these folks have a slightly different way of doing things on the internet. This helps me understand that I need to figure out how things are going to work for me too.

I have a sign on the top of my monitor: "I Gotta' Work it 'til it Works" and that is my idea of utilizing the information I've learned at AI. I don't know that I can do things the same way that these folks have. I sure have a bunch of models to look at. Knowing me, I'll probably synthesize a number of them into something that suits me perfectly.

Time will tell.

And that is what it's all about - spurring on ideas and actions.

I don't plan on doing things like the gurus. I plan on taking their methods and making them mine. I know that I work different than anyone else in the universe and I've got to learn what that is and do that. Little else will work for me I'm betting.

What are the main things you might tell someone considering going to an Internet Marketing Seminar to convince them that they should go?

PH: If you are considering going, of course, I'd like to think I provide a valuable service and I think you should visit my blog. But you knew that, didn't you?

If I were helping someone decide, I'd probably mention that it is pretty hard to lose. Most event planners offer guarantees and if you truely do not make any friends nor learn anything even remotely likely to help your business, ask for your money back!

After that, it's your time you must consider.

I guess, if you can see this being the best use of your time at the moment, by all means, check it out! There is a lot of talent out there and ebooks can only get you so far.

I'm serious about the networking too. Where else are you going to find folks you can learn from and with whom you may form alliances with? It is all up to you.

The speed at which things change, alone, might be the tipping point for you. You can't get some of the stuff they relate to you from products you buy. You might get the information. You might get some questions answered like during a teleseminar. You won't get to compare notes with your neighbor or joke around with other attendees or the presenters. And you need to ask yourself if this information will even be relevant when you finally get that product!

At a Seminar, I think most presenters add value to their presentation by offering you some tidbit they learned just recently a.k.a. the latest and greatest! My feeling is that Stu and Russell did just that for us.

How do you even find that kind of info anywhere else?

You'll never meet the staff behind the 'names' nor their families reading an ebook.

Stu's sister was incredibly helpful during the AI Seminar. I'm always curious to learn, 'how many people' arrived for the Seminar (i've been to a few seminars!). The staff will be the only ones who can tell you stuff like that.

Oodles of things happen in the hallways and the faux-pas can always get deleted!

You know, I think you should Go! If you are at all serious about this internet marketing stuff, you owe it to yourself to take in a Seminar!

Did you learn what you needed from Affiliate Incubator to make it worth your while?

PH: It's possible I'm somewhat unique in that the simple act of going to AI gave me fodder for my blog. Oh, yeah, I sure got a lot out of it personally to help me along in my business.

I feel like this was amplified because of my particluar topic on my blog.

OK, so I got contacts, I got information, I'm getting known in the community and AND I get to write up a bunch of stuff for my blog!

On the downside...

I think I agree with GiGi. I drove home each evening and back the next morning. This makes for a tiring event. If I could have stayed in the hotel, that would have meant more time for networking and less time on the road. I might have rested more like for the lunch breaks. I could have gone to my room for a 'power nap' or whatever. :)

Is there anything else you'd like to say about your experience at Affiliate Incubator?

PH: I think that going to AI solidified my committment to finding all of the LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminars in the world for my visitors.

It locked into me the true value of going to a LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar in a way that just writing about it can not do.

I can see what I need to do better for my blog and for my work from the experience. I still have much to digest and I'll probably be making references to this for quite awhile yet to come.

Copyright 2007 Pam Hoffman

I thank you for reading and I extend the invitation to you to visit periodically to learn what is happening in the world of LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminars. I'll be logging them for as long as I see the need in the world for people to know where to find these things and how to go.

Pam Hoffman


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