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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Read Your Blog!

I have been reading a bunch of blogs lately and, periodically, I find out that some of these bloggers just went to an Internet Marketing Seminar!

I get to them from my BlogRush widget sometimes and other times, I know about them like johnchow.com and Jeremy Schoemaker's (oh, i knew about Jeremy's tho i never went until i saw a link on BR).

I look around and sometimes I find a way to contact them and ask them for an interview. Other times, I have no idea how to contact them!

I have done interviews in two different ways so far. I spoke with David White on the phone and translated that one into text by hand. Whew! That was really something.

I read a blog post by Andrew Wee right around then about interviewing - he had some terrific ideas. I think I was reading something on johnchow.com (or somewhere) too, about interviewing busy bloggers. Whoever it was said not to bother asking 'may i interview you?' just ask the questions!

Well, I have been doing that ever since. I asked all of the folks I met at Affiliate Incubator a bunch of questions by email and many have already replied. I have most of them up on my blog already (and duh, i never wrote you my thoughts - i'll get right on that later today, i'm writing you an article right now ;).

I'll get the rest of the Affiliate Incubator 'interviews' on the IMSLS (that's short for Internet Marketing Seminar Listing Service) blog as soon as they are ready for you.

I am wondering: How Do I Get Ahold of These Folks To Ask Them About Their Experience?

If you have any ideas, I'm all ears! I sent an email to John Chow a couple of days ago and, yeah, my setup here in Columbus, Ohio ain't the greatest, I know, but I have yet to hear from him!

What's it going to take?

I appreciate any input and, hey I'll pick a commentor and offer a prize. I have something in mind - be sure to add in your email address or email me: pamhoffmanatcoxdotnet so that I can get your address and send it to you!

Prize winner will be picked on December 1st.

Thanks for stopping by,

Pam Hoffman


Patrice said...

Hello Pam,

If I have correctly understood your post, you would like us to give you some inputs about: "How Do I Get Ahold of These Folks To Ask Them About Their Experience?"...

I do not if it will help you, but I can tell that it took me quite some time in order to find you that your goal is to interview bloggers (and I am still not 100% sure).

The fact that your goal is to interview bloggers (if it is) is not clearly stated on the entry page of your blog, on your blogger profile, on your BlogCatalog profile, etc.

So, my advice would be, make your goal clear to a visitor who is reaching your blog for the 1st time AND who plans to spend about 2 seconds looking at it. You should create your "institutional text" and copy-paste it on all your profiles ;-)


/Patrice - http://wavumi.blogspot.com/

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey Patrice!

Thank you for your comment.

BTW, you are in the running for a prize! I'll contact you about that on December 1st if you actually win!

Yes, in this particular post, I'm interested in interviewing people who have ATTENDED a LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar recently.

I read on John Chow's blog that he went to Blog World Expo earlier this month and I sent him and email message with my 'interview' questions. I have not heard back from him yet.

I'm wondering how to inspire him to reply. Actually, how do I get anyone to reply? I need these in somewhat a timely manner as well!

The overall goal of the blog is to provide the basic service of LISTING every LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminar in the world. I have over 100 in my database currently covering the next 12 months.

I hope THAT is what is clear upon arrival to my blog with the name of the blog and the paragraph right under the name.

I am open to suggestion, certainly. I like the idea of making it clear in 2 seconds as that is all I'm likely to get, initially. :)

I thought that listing LIVE! Internet Marketing Seminars might get a little drab after awhile so I started adding certain things in.

I put in some quotes, some classified ads, then got to interviewing some folks so I added them too.

I have other things in mind too, I just need to work out how to do them.

I want this to be a good resource that people return to over and over again by providing interesting information of various types - all centered around the list of all LIVE! Interent Marketing Seminars.

Hope that clears things up a bit,

Pam Hoffman

p.s. what is 'institutional text'?

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