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Friday, November 9, 2007

On The Road Again!

Hey Gang!

I just cleaned up the laptop at my mom's in Columbus, Ohio so that I can use it to do my work from here. Did you miss me? : )

First of all, the machine wanted to update it's calendar - from 2002!

THEN there was a ton of annoying and malicious adware! I could not get past this one site on the internet - not even to get spybot on here and clean things up. My boyfriend Jeff has just been a sweetheart! He's at a Seminar today (a Real Estate Seminar!!) so I can't directly give him kudos. He'll know soon enough!

So, to make a 10 hour story into a 2 minute post. I did finally get spybot going and then the internet was completely disconnected! I must have cleaned up TOO much. Hey, it was my first time!

I did everything I could think of and then I called the ISP. Who ran me thru a lot of those DOS prompt things and THEY discovered that I had a 'winsock' error.

Well, that meant they couldn't help me! They DID give me the number for the computer manufacturer, one hour call later, and I was online again! I even got to talk with a very nice lady in India (i'm sure).

I have accomplished something I usually let my boyfriend handle. I'm feeling kind of proud of myself today.

OK, now it's back to work!!

Pam Hoffman


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