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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another Affiliate Incubator Interview!

They are coming in thick and fast and since we may have a 'lull' in the Internet Marketing Seminar action, I'm just going to hang these up for you!

Let's hear from Jon Yeo who came all the way from Australia to join us at Affiliate Incubator!

PH: How did you find out about Affiliate Incubator?

JY: Its a bit of a co-incidence, although there are no accidents. I decided I wanted to get into Internet & Affiliate Marketing and a couple of opportunities came to me that week. (Way back in March). In September, I had booked a trip to San Diego, the Bob Proctor Cruise and I wanted to take advantage of my time in the US (I am from Australia) by finding an affiliate marketing seminar. Again, later that week, I got an email from Stu and Russell via Rick Raddatz that a seminar would be running in Anaheim in the days after the Cruise. It was a no brainer as my flight back to Australia is out of LA.

PH: What did you get out of going to Affiliate Incubator?

JY: That, to the creative mind, anything is possible. There are so many opportunities out there, it's almost overwhelming. I have a whole bunch of notes from the AI weekend.

PH: What are the main things you might tell someone considering going to an Internet Marketing Seminar to convince them that they should go?

JY: Be open to ideas, be prepared to connect, be prepared to add value (thanks Rick for that one- I mentally "knew" that but Rick taught me the POWER of understanding that concept). Finally, have a goal. What do you want to achieve out of that opportunity?

PH: Did you learn what you needed from Affiliate Incubator to make it worth your while?

JY: Yes and plenty more. We got plenty of ways to manage our affilliate marketing. All fantastic. Its much better than just having one technique and hoping that it works.

PH: Is there anything else you'd like to say about your experience at Affiliate Incubator?

JY: Thanks to Stu, Russel, Rick, Ewan, Germaine & the others for an awesome event.

PH: Tell me a little bit about what you are doing and be sure to include the website of your choice.

JY: I am having huge success with a blog - jointhesecret.blogspot.com, its ugly but it works, I also see amazing results with www.AbundanceByDefault.com. Its a great opportunity. Finally, check out www.crazyegg.com. Did you know moving things around on your site and watching clicks can be monitored with a heatmap? That's what Crazyegg.com does.

PH: Do you know of any other Internet Marketing Seminars coming up that I should post to my blog?

JY: No, but that's why I have you Pam. http://seminarlist.blogspot.com

You are very kind Jon! When you hear about any other Internet Marketing Seminars "Let Me Know!" ;)

Copyright 2007 Pam Hoffman & Jon Yeo

Be sure to come back for the next Affiliate Incubator Interview!

Pam Hoffman


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