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Friday, June 20, 2008

"I have to say that one of the most important things to keep you on your internet marketing course is to go to conferences, seminars, and workshops. Education is the key to progressing in your quest to have a successfully marketed business online.

"While I believe education is essential to your progress, I also believe you need to meet others who are running or learning to run an online business. I would suggest you go to a seminar as often as you can.

"Ross Goldberg is putting on the Masters Seminar again. It is jammed packed with some AWESOME speakers and is an absolute CAN NOT MISS.


"I know that the economy isn’t the best right now, but investing in yourself is more important now than ever, no matter what your current situation is."

--Michael Copeland on his blog

Masters Seminar
July 18-20, 2008
Chicago, IL


firerobin said...

I haven't been to your site in a while. I like the new look (and the skyline photo).

Good luck with everything!

Pam Hoffman said...

Hey firerobin!

Thanks for stopping by. It has been awhile - I did the total blog makeover at the end of March!

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with!

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