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Friday, June 20, 2008

Chris Cardell's Entrepreneur Summit 2008

Something for our neighbors across the ocean:

Chris Cardell's Entrepreneur Summit 2008
June 27-29, 2008
London, England

This is one of the most interesting parts of their site I found:

Recession Proof Your Business
It really doesn't matter whether or not we're going to have an official 'recession' in the months or year ahead. Much of the damage has already been done. The media frenzy over the state of the Global economy is paralyzing much of the Business world with fear.

So we've added some new, last minute material to the Summit. One of the themes I and my team will now be focusing on throughout the Summit is recession proofing your business. What most business owners do not realise is that not only can you recession proof your business - but you can THRIVE through economic downturns if you know what you're doing.

You do not have to suffer during an economic downturn but you DO need to do things differently, sometimes very differently.

You will leave the Entrepreneur Summit with armour - plated protection against the whims of the economy. You'll have the tools, strategies and mindset to not just recession proof your business - but to excel while others panic.

It kind of makes me laugh to see our unemployment numbers.

A whoping 5% reported in a recent paper, yet who talks about the rate 19 times that equal to the 95% who are employed?

What about numbers like 25% unemployment in places like Argentina? At least that's a number I remember from before. What is it right now? I bet it isn't 5% or less...

I conclude that we're probably doing ok still.

It doesn't matter if YOUR economic situation is in need of help. Things could be perfect and you still might want a boost like this.

If You Go, Let Me Know!

Pam Hoffman


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